One Direction - Shameless (Larry Stylinson AU)

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  • Published: 24 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 18 Dec 2013
  • Status: Complete
Louis has run away from home. He meets Harry, who turns out to be a pickpocket. Harry invites Louis to the place where he lives and asks him to be one of them.
Later on Louis finds out Harry wants to be more than friends and being a pickpocket isn’t as easy as it seems.

Inspiration fundet hos den danske film Bora Bora.


1. Chapter 1.

”Beep beep… Beep be…” a hand smashed down on the red bottom of the alarm clock and it stopped. With a yawn, Louis sat up in his bed. He rubbed his eyes and looked around his room. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and stood up, walked over to his closet and putted on a worn t-shirt. Out in the kitchen, his mom was busy making breakfast and talking in phone. It sounded like some business. She almost didn’t talk about others. Louis walked over to the fridge, and looked for something to eat. 
“Would you please put on some pants?” His mom stood next to him and looked seriously at him. He looked annoyed at her and rolled his eyes. 
“Oh no, not you Mr. Banks! It was just my son.” She said apologetically and turned away from Louis. 
Louis went back to his room and smashed the door behind him. He kicked away some of the laundry on the floor and sat down on his bed with an annoyed moan. 
It knocked on the door and his mom came in. 
“Don’t you usually have to wait until there’s said ‘co..” 
“Shut it Louis!” his mom interrupted. “You have to walk to school today. I have an important meeting in half an hour. And by the way, we’re having guests over for dinner tonight” She said and walked out of the room.


At the schoolyard Louis spotted some boys bulling a smaller boy and went over to the. 
“What the hell are you doing?!” He yelled and pushed away the guy who was holding the small boy, who ran away when he was letting go of. 
“Asking from somebody?” The biggest of them said and the two others laughed. 
“Mature” Louis said to himself.
“The hell you just said?!” The guy said and walked threatening against Louis, who turned around and ran away with the three boys behind him. 
He ran as fast as he could, which was pretty fast. He’s always loved to run, but right now he only thought about not being beaten by the boys behind him. He ran out on the sports arena, but the boys stopped at the opening. He still ran and even though he realized they weren’t following him anymore, he just ran, ran and ran, trying to run away from all this, all the troubles and downs. 
He ran all his way home.


Later when his mom has got home and had started cooking and Louis was in the process of covering the table, his mom tried to start a conversation. Louis didn’t feel like talking to her. 
“Your teacher called me today. You haven’t been at school.” Louis didn’t answer her “Louis, for God’s sake, that’s the third time this week! What are you thinking?” 
“I want to shift school” He said without looking at her. 
“But why? This is a fine school! You just need to pull yourself together and focus. Why don’t you invite Liam home tomorrow after school?” 
“Because he has shifted school..” 
“Oh.. but how about Za..”
“Mom, just forget it! I just want to shift or totally drop out of school”
“But Louis, there’s only half a year back of 10th grade, don’t you think you’re able to comple..”
“No mom..” he said with a resignedly moan. 
“Well could you at least but on some nicer clothes than that? The guests are here soon”

During the dinner, one of the guests asked about Louis schooling, and he saw his chance for provoking his mother, but his mother decided to speak on his way. 
“He’s doing fine. He wants to study Jura when he’s finished 10th grade.” She said very convincing and the guests sounded very impressed. 
“Actually..” Louis said and caught their attention “I wasn’t at school today” 
“Louis..!” his mom said looking at him, trying to make him stop.
“It’s the third or fourth time this week” he said and looked contentedly around. 
The guests looked shocked at each other. 
“Louis would you please get some water” his mother asked him.
“I’m not thirsty thanks” he said provoking. 
“Do what I say and get some water!” his mother said with a raised voice. 
Louis took the jug and looked short at his mother before he stood up and turned around. He went over to the sink and turned on the cold water. He could hear his mother trying to explain away to the guests. He held his hands to his ears in frustration trying not to hear her, but it was enough. He turned around. 
“Shut up!” He shouted. 
His mother and the guests looked startled at him. 
“I’m sick and tired of you trying to control my life.” He continued. 
“Go to your room!” His mom stood up and pointed at the direction of his room, but when he didn’t move, she went over to him and wanted to accompany him by taking his arm, he tore his arm to him. 
“Don’t touch me!” He shouted at her, and stomped into his room.

Few minutes later, Louis sneaked into his mom’s room and took and big bunch of money from her wallet. Suddenly his mom stood in the doorway. 
“What are you doing?” she asked worried. 
He didn’t answer her. He putted the money in his pocket and only looked at her shortly, when he passed her on his way out of the room. His mom looked wondering at him when he took his bag and went out of the front door. 
He went down to the street, walked around thinking about what to do now. He just shouted at his mom and afterwards stole from her. He just ran away from home. What would happen now? 
He sat down next to a statue and looked across a sea. It was summer and the sun hasn’t set yet. He walked around in the streets of the city looking at windows and at couples walking hand in hand. 
It was getting late, so he decided to find the train station and stay there for the night.

The next morning he woke up early. The sun was shining bright and people were waiting for their train outside the building. Louis checked the wallet in his bag, the money was still there, fortunately.  He decided to put them in his pocket. He stood up and walked outside. People was busy on their way to work, others was just out enjoying the weather. He walked down the same streets as yesterday, but today the shops were open. 
He walked pass a night club who was kicking out the last guests and about to close. He stopped up when some half drunk men passed by him. 
“Woof, woof” one of them called after him, and winked at him in a flirty way. Louis looked wondering at him, shaking his head, but when he came closer the club he realized it was a gay club. Had some gay just.. barked.. at him? Oh Gosh, Louis thought.

A little further, Louis saw a guy in some strange clothes walking around greeting people he passed. Louis thought it was a little weird, but suddenly the boy passed out and fell on the ground. Louis ran over to him to help him. He leaned over the boy to see if he was okay, when the boy opened his eyes and looked at Louis for a bit. He shook his head and Louis helped him op. 
“Thank you” the boy said and bowed friendly for Louis. 
Louis stood a little and looked after him, but a little after the boy fell again. Louis ran over to him again, but this time the boy looked weird and wondering at him when he opened his eyes. Again Louis helped him up and again the boy bowed and thanked him. When the boy started to walk away, Louis noted his wallet was missing. He yelled at the boy, who started to run. Louis ran after him and caught up with him at no time. He reached out for him and made him stop. 
“You stole my wallet!” Louis shouted at him.
“No, I didn’t, honest, you can check if you want to?” the boy said and held out his arms ready for Louis to check his pockets. 
“But why did you run then? And.. no, that’s not necessary ” Louis said and shook his head. 
“You must have dropped it” the boy defended himself.
Louis sat down on a staircase resignedly. He held his head to his hand, looking down, about to cry. The boy came and sat down next to him. 
“Are you okay?” the boy asked gently.
“No..” Louis said and sniffled. 
“Oh well, can I offer you something to drink or maybe eat?” the boy asked and stood up offering his hand to help Louis stand up. 
Louis looked up at him. He took his hand and stood up.

At the café, they sat opposing. Louis noticed the boy looked a lot at him. 
“Who are you?” Louis asked him.
The boy smiled.
“I’m Harry” he said and offered his hand to Louis “and you?” 
“I’m Louis” 
“What are you doing here at this time? Shouldn’t you be in school?” Harry asked. 
“I’ve run away from home… and shouldn’t you be there too?” 
“Naah..” Harry shook his head. 
Some minutes passed while they were eating. 
“What was all that falling from before about?” Louis asked Harry. 
“Well, I don’t know why, but I feel like thrusting you. Can you keep a secret?” Harry asked while leaning over to Louis. 
Louis looked wondering at him but nodded. 
“I’m a pickpocket” Harry whispered in Louis’ ear. 
Louis pulled back and looked shocked at Harry. 
“So it was you stealing my wal..” Louis said loud, but was interrupted by Harry holding his hand against Louis’ mouth. 
“Shh..” Harry shushed. 
Some people from the table next to the one they sat at, looked at them, but Harry just smiled at them and convinced them it just was a game they had going on. 
“I want my wallet back” Louis whispered angrily. 
“Off course” Harry said and turned around. Louis looked after him, ready to run after him if he tried to run away again. But Harry went over to a girl who sat at the bar. Louis watched them, while Harry pointed at him and the girl looked at him and nodded. But Harry didn’t run away. He came back with Louis’ wallet and its entire contests. Louis looked up at Harry. 
“But what’s the idea with it?” 
“Come” Harry said nodding against the door “I’ll show you”

Harry brought Louis to a big garden outside an enormous villa. They went to the front door and Harry asked Louis to stay at the end of the stairs. Harry rang on the door and Louis heard a voice on the other side. 
“Password?” the voice said. 
“Pickety pockety, you’re and idiotitic, let me in, it’s me your moron” Harry said annoyed. 
The door opened and Harry waved Louis up to him.  
“Hey Haz, who’s that” the voice from before asked. It was only a little kid. 
“It’s Louis” Harry said “where’s Simon?” 
“Uhm, up the stairs at his room, I think” 
Harry looked at Louis to make him follow him. They walked up the stairs. Louis looked around. He wasn’t comfortable about the situation. They stopped in front of a door and Harry knocked on it. 
“Come in” a voice said from the other side. 
Harry opened the door and Louis followed him in. 
“Who’s that?” the voice, who belonged to a man older than Louis, asked. 
“It’s Louis. I found him on the street. He has run away from home. He would fit perfectly here” 
“I see” the man said “But Harry.. we’ve run out of rooms. There’s no place he can slee..” 
“He can sleep at my room” Harry said quickly
The man smiled.
“I’m sure you would enjoy that” the man said “what do you think about that?” the man asked and looked at Louis, who was totally confused about the situation. 
“Excuse me, what?” Louis asked. 
“Harry is offering to share his room with you, if you want to stay here”
Louis looked wondering at Harry, who was blushing a bit. 
“Well, I’ve nowhere else to be, so I guess I stay here” Louis said still confused. 
“That’s all up to you. I’m Simon by the way” The man said and offered his hand.
“Ehm, I’m Louis” he said and shook his hand. “But what is this place?” 
“Harry will explain you” Simon said and smiled. 
They left the room and Harry showed Louis the room they should share. Louis sat down on the bed, looking around. 
“There’s only one bed in here Harry?” 
“Uhm, yeah” Harry said hesitantly. 
“Oh.. So ehm, we’re gonna share, ehm, bed?” Louis asked a little unsure. 
“Only of it’s okay with you, I mean I can sleep on the conch if you..” 
“It’s fine, Harry, it’s fine. It’s not like we’re gonna cuddle and make love or something” Harry looked at Louis while bidding his lower lip “and by the way, it’s way better than sleeping on some train station”

Later that night when they lay in the bed, Louis had borrowed some clothes from Harry to sleep in and they were about to go to bed, Louis leaned over against Harry and asked him what Simon meant by the “sure you would enjoy that part”. 
“Uhm, nothing” Harry said a little hesitantly “it’s just a joke between me and him”. 
Louis lay down again, looking at Harrys neck. 
“Well, goodnight then” Louis said.

In the middle of the night Louis suddenly felt Harrys arm around him. He tried to push it away by move his own arm a little, but it only made Harry put his arm around his stomach instead. He felt Harry pull himself closer and suddenly he felt Harrys breath in his neck. Louis tried to turn himself around. He now lay face to face with a sleeping Harry who still was holding his arm around him. 
“Harry? Harry?” He whispered quietly. Harry didn’t react. “Harry let go of me” Louis whispered a little louder while trying to get himself free. “Uhm, no don’t go” Harry started mumble with a deep sleepy voice, while pulling himself closer to Louis. 
“Harry” Louis whispered uncomfortable. It only lasted a few second before Harry slowly sneaked his hand under Louis’ t-shirt on his back, pulling himself even closer so he now lay tightly against Louis. 
“Harry!” Louis said without whispering this time. Harry still didn’t react, so Louis pushed him away, and crept out of the bed. Harry woke up and looked wondering at Louis. “What are you doing?” Harry asked still with a sleepy voice. 
“What am I doing?” Louis asked annoyed “What are YOU doing?” 
Harry looked at him without understanding. “Ehh?”
“Like you don’t know! You just cuddled me up like I was your pillow or favorite teddy bear!” Louis said loudly. 
Harry sat up in the bed, but before he had the chance to say anything, some knocking from the other side of the wall sounded. Harry looked in the direction of the knocking. “Please shh, people are sleeping, or trying to” 
“And so were I, before you lay your arm around me”
“I’m sorry, now just come back in bed and it won’t happen again” 
Louis stood a little hesitated. “Okay, but I want to sleep with my head in the opposite end than yours” 
Harry rolled his eyes, but threw a pillow down in the end of the bed. Afterwards he laid down and fell in sleep again like nothing just happened. Louis took his duvet and laid down in the bed.

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