Eternal and Sombre are best friends. Always have been, ever since Sombre moved into the neighbourhood. Sometimes, though, Eternal can't help but think that there is something strange about her best friend, something... inhuman. Sombre, on the other hand, only wants to be something more than friends. In a strange, twisted society, will either of them survive?


7. (???)

I stared into the darkness, trying to pick out the shapes of the people around me. Flesh rubbed across my arm, and I turned slowly to the side to stare at a petrified human, with frightened, wide eyes. She had been Stolen a few weeks ago, and never got used to the darkness round here. I smiled at her, but she just backed away, crying softly to herself. I always held in my tears; I didn't have enough water as it is, without wasting it on tears.

I pulled forwards slightly, straining against the chain, attached to a collar around my neck, which held me to the other members of the Stock. I had been here such a long time, but I had seen it coming, I guess, Sombre always hated me. You see, I had worked as a bounty hunter for the Empire, and Sombre was most wanted. She had got her revenge now, I hope she's happy.

A piecing light stabbed into the silky blackness of the room, like a knife into butter, forcing me to cover my eyes. The Stock around me did the same, moaning and distressed.

A dark demon walked in, knife clutched in one hand, a pair of cats encircling around her feet. Sombre. In her hand, was clenched a small notebook, open at one page.

She smirked at me, shining the light directly into my face. I raised my hands, fearing a whipping, or worse, but she just moved onto the next one. I managed to get a look at her notebook as she passed, it seemed to be a catalogue of some sort.

Sombre went up to a girl in the line, a small child with matted, dirty hair and a tearstained face, unlocked her collar and pulled her up. The girl cried out, as Sombre's nails dug into her arm, drawing blood.

"Now," Sombre hissed into the girl's face. "You're going to work for a nice old lady who can't get around as much. You do everything she says, understand? This was all a dream, and you're waking up now. You're going to help this woman, out of the kindness of your heart, understand? I'll take you to her now."

Pulling the girl away, her cats following like dark shadows, Sombre pulled the girl out of the door. That was the last time we saw her. We assumed that she had died, Sombre had gotten bored of her.

I hope that it's me next.

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