Eternal and Sombre are best friends. Always have been, ever since Sombre moved into the neighbourhood. Sometimes, though, Eternal can't help but think that there is something strange about her best friend, something... inhuman. Sombre, on the other hand, only wants to be something more than friends. In a strange, twisted society, will either of them survive?


2. Living Human Flesh (Sombre)

Sombre's P.O.V


I looked around the shop. This is my home now. I have to tell myself that everyday. What are the odds of me ending up here? A planet crawling with antlike beings who will eventually kill it. I will have to pretend to be an ant, if I do not want to be ripped apart by rabid zombies. It won't be earthly water next time...

Not all ant-humans are bad, like Eternal. I love her silky brown hair, her intelligent blue eyes, her unique sense of colour coordination. I would never sell her on, not in a million years. Maybe I'm falling for her...

I glanced at her, watching as she traced a pattern into the dust that coated everything. I had appointed her the shop assistant at my sweet shop, which was actually just a trap, to keep my stock up. I trade in flesh. Living flesh. Living human flesh. I feel no pity, since I am not one of them. As I said, though, I would never sell my dear Eternal.

She looked up at me, hey eyes full of mystery, but no dought. I had already gone though her job with her, telling her when she should send the humans to me, when to let them go unscathed. Which wasn't often.

"Alright?" She asked me, touching my white hand with her slim, golden one.

"Yeah. I'll be waiting..." I answered, averting my eyes and biting my lip.

Eternal smiled at me, and jumped over behind the counter. I headed back up the old stairs, suddenly overcome with my task.

We would bring in a good haul tonight.

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