Eternal and Sombre are best friends. Always have been, ever since Sombre moved into the neighbourhood. Sometimes, though, Eternal can't help but think that there is something strange about her best friend, something... inhuman. Sombre, on the other hand, only wants to be something more than friends. In a strange, twisted society, will either of them survive?


3. First Customer (Eternal)

Eternal's P.O.V


After a while of waiting behind the wooden counter, a young girl waddled in. The first thing I noticed about her, was how extrordiarily fat she was. She looked like she had been stuffed forcefully into her clothes, and still didn't quite fit. Her hair was cut into a bob, and a greasy, mousy brown colour. Her piggy features sunk deep into her chubby face.

"Hello there, welcome to Candy Paradise! Lovely to have you!" I sang, lightly and sweetly, like Sombre had told me.

The girl smiled hideously at me, and started browsing the isles. Nothing said, which was a bit rude, not even a thank you! This was someone who was used to being waited on. After a while she came to me, and started asking questions

"Give me lollipops." She demanded, slamming her pudgy fist onto the counter.

Even though she was about five years younger than me, she looked like she could break all my bones, like they were no more than twigs, so I decided not to cross her. Sombre would sort her out, for ahe had an unhuman strengh about her.

"Well, I think we're out in this room, but me way have some in the back room!" I indicated the staircase. "Just go up those stairs, and you'll see them!"

Actually, I don't think Sombre's stairs will hold her...

Grunting, the girl made her way to those trecharous stairs, and put one foot on them. The board creaked, but stayed, luckily for me. Evey step she took, my breth was held, until she reached the top, and I breathed out.

I sent her to her death.

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