Eternal and Sombre are best friends. Always have been, ever since Sombre moved into the neighbourhood. Sometimes, though, Eternal can't help but think that there is something strange about her best friend, something... inhuman. Sombre, on the other hand, only wants to be something more than friends. In a strange, twisted society, will either of them survive?


5. Closing Up (Eternal)

At midnight, I was told to stop, leave, and lock up the doors. As I was leaving, I spotted a stray cat, lying, exausted, on the sidewalk. It was fluffy, with greyish-blue fur, and was only a kitten. It wasn't wearing a collar, so I assummed it was abandoned. Rushing over to it, I picked it up, stroking its skeletal, malnourished body. It was such a small kitty, male, with only one eye, which shone a beautiful blue. I wanted to keep him, but my father was allergic to cats, and I would never give him to the shelter.

Then the idea struck me. Sombre had a cat, that white one! Maybe she could keep it.

I ran back inside the store, and dashed up the stairs, ignoring the ominous creaks underneath my feet. I had to save this kitten.

I had to.

As I entered Sombre's office, a rank smell blasted me, full in the face. It smelt... almost like blood, something foul. Sombre glanced up at me, a confused and outraged look on her face.

"WHAT ARE YOU-" She yelled furiouly, but was silenced by a plaintive mewl by the kitten. "Aw!!!! He's cute!!!!! Where did you find him? It is a boy, isn't it?"

"Yes." I said, then laid him on the table. "Please... Look after him. I can't, maybe you can?"

"Sure... Sure..." Sombre scooped him up lovingly, as if she had known him forever, and begun stroking him. "He can be the shop cat. What will we call him?"

"I don't know... And isn't the white cat the shop cat?"

"Lollipops? Oh no, she's a pet. Just a pet. We could call him... Muffins?"

I knew exactly what to call him.

"Betrayal. We will call him Betrayal."

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