The Chronicles of Theldar

Ember's life is simple, normal, nothing to boast about but she likes it. That is until one day her peaceful town is invaded by mysterious enemy forces and she is thrown headlong into an adventure which will test her, her friends, and ultimately decide the future of Theldar.


1. Prologue



   Extract from ‘The Book of Legends’

   You shall have to forgive me dear friend, for I have a tendency to tell what need not or ought not to be told, but as I grow older I find the temptation hard to resist. Believe me friend I shall attempt not to for your sake and for mine – parchment of this calibre is hard to come by you know.

   So then, to the point. These notes of mine are about a very simple thing; a legend. Now you may hear from various sources that a legend is an incredible tale about bravery, loyalty and heart-wrenching decisions made for the greater good, and to a certain extent, that is indeed correct, for a legend would not be complete without these. But a real legend, a true legend isn’t about good versus evil or about the quest for justice but instead about one thing. A person. Now this person could be a gnome or a dwarf, an elf or an orc, but no matter who they are, whether they be a commoner or a king they are what makes a legend; and these hand-scrawled notes scribed in this no doubt old and torn book you hold before you, the cloth cover frayed most likely by ages of sitting on a library shelf, are about just such a person.

   Ember by name and an elf by nature she was but a girl when her fate began driving her on the course which had been sealed for her since the moment she came into the world, a mere fifteen years of age when the first event was struck up to send her on her almighty journey. Now she lived in a small town at the base of the Eljorn mountains, a cloud-stroking range which stretched all the way from the east to the west of the land joining on either side with the Myleren range which, it was rumoured, was supposed to stretch right up to heaven and as such had earned its name from the old elvish of ‘melyra-lecrent’ meaning ‘better place’. A normal girl to any wandering eye, she went to school, did her homework, went out with her friends and did all the things that a teenage elf would do. She even had a bit of magical ability like most elves of her age. And like any teen she had a friend closer to her than anyone else, a soulmate she could confide all her worries to – but I shall not give away the details for that may lead me unwittingly into the telling you the rest which would not do at all – I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you now would I?

   Now I must tell you, this legend is one of such magnitude I doubt I shall fit it into just a single book, indeed I am certain of it. So be warned that should you read this book and recount the steps young Ember took you will be following her through a series of books and indeed through some of the most important chronicles of Theldar so far, for who knows what the future may bring? Nevertheless, this – I am sure - shall stand among the most famous legends in the history of Theldar forever more.

   So friend, turn the page before you and become lost in a legendary tale that in time the whole world will come to know…

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