Hidden Love and Passion

(Sequel to Secrets, Lies & Love)
You thought everything ended with Sutton and Zayn, but you're wrong. No, everything is just beginning. You think they are going to stay together? Well it's time for tour again, and some people make some wrong choices, and tears are shed. Fists thrown. More drama then ever. You think Sutton's safe? She's still in danger, will Zayn be there to protect her? Or will someone else become her knight and shining armor!?
More drama and twist. Keep reading this crazy movella!!!


21. Wut.........wut..?



    Sutton's P.O.V


  It was....Louis....I just kissed Louis! What the hell!?

"Sutton?" El whispered to me..her face was so...broken. 

"I didn't mean to..I thought it was Zayn....my vision was so blurry an I just...I-" I choked on myself. Louis' face was so stunned. 

"Is that what Liam told you? 'Go downstairs and make out with whoever is the nearest to the living room door?' " Niall asked me, and sighed shaking his head in disappointment. 

"El! You know I don't like Louis! You know it. I didn't mean to! It was for a second." I shouted at her. 

"Why are you even mad El? You cheated on him...remember Ryan?" Danielle shouted at her leaning on her hip. I gasped at her face. 

"You said we would never bring it up again!" She spat in Dani's face. "R-ryan?" Louis asked broken, almost in tears. "Louis listen it was once.." She said smiling hurtly at him. 

"ONCE!? Ok lies are spilling!" Dani said throwing her hands in the air.

"You know what we should do? Spill lies. Sit down and all just-just tell everyone everything you've been hiding!" Zayn said shrugging his shoulders. 

"We're still a bit drunk!" Harry laughed at that statement. "So! The truth comes out easier..We might not remember too!" El smiled at Louis but he rolled his eyes, I felt bad....I didn't mean to kiss Louis, I swear I thought it was Zayn...his quiff and his tats, even though...they're not as much but...I don't know..it's hard to explain..


   "Why not? Let's go. This might be good for all this!" Niall said sitting back down, and sighing. 


After a couple of minutes, everyone sat down...the tension between everyone...everyone knew something had to be said from us all. We all knew we were going to gt hurt! So why did we agree? I guess so we didn't have guilt or secrets...


   "Ok, you first!" Louis pointed at El angrily. 

"NO! We're going by....who ever wants to go first...then we pick." I said to him, calming him down. He just crossed his arms and didn't even look at El. 


   It was silent for a while, as everyone thought about their regrets and lies, etc.. 


   "When Sutton an I kissed....she asked if we were friends or more kind of...I said just friends....I didn't mean it....I thought we were just friends, that she didn't like me...then I realized...she might...bt I let her slip away....I-I slept with a girl....Rose...to get my mind off her...but it didn't work, then I lied to everyone saying I didn't and that nothing happened between Sutton an I or Rose an I...but....I wanted more with Sutton then I saw how Zayn looked when I tried to pull a move so I let it go.....I am so sorry...I lied to Harry...to make him mad saying I had slept with Sutton...I hadn't...I am so sorry..." Niall said dropping his head low in shame. 

"Awe Nialler! It's ok!" I said leaning over and hugging him. He smiled. "Thanks Sut!" He said to me. I giggled thinking abou that...NIALL DID LIKE ME! WTF!


  It was silent seeing Zayn, and Harry's face after hearing that....This was harder than I thought..


     "Uh...Louis....Um...I when you were at a concert I went to...this guy Ryan DM'd me on Twitter an I met up with him and uh..." She choked for a second..."We uh...you know...had uh...erm...sex." She cried, and I felt so bad for her. 

"Don't you mean made love?" Louis asked disgusted with her. "NO! It wasn't love! I did it again...but that was it....that wasn't so long ago...Like a month or so ago..." She said sobbing harder and harder...his face let up and he tensed up a little bit.. He covered his face with hands and leaned back I think he was crying. "Eleanor...I was so-so loyal to you...never cheated...never ever! I-I can't believe you did it to me!" He sobbed between his hands. 

    "Sutton...I cheated on you, when we first went out...it was with a girl named Ferenia, then after we broke up to get my mind off I went with a girl named Holly, she was terrible at sex...then you know about the recent one, when Niall told you....Uh....I did cheat on you with Perrie too....I am so sorry...Then your ring, I was going to give to....to a girl named Elisa...but she dumped me....El...I was...or thought I was in love with you....I thought I wanted you so bad, that you would leave Lou for me...Ha, but then I found Sut...now I don't...so....Niall....I thought Sutton an you had sex...so I was planning to take a girl you love and do that! I know I am really mean huh? Sutton...when you were...kidnapped...I didn't even look for you..I didn't even try..I don't know why?! I just didn't feel like you needed me to. So I didn't an I should have. When you were with Dustin I told him to treat you right, then he left you...right after, an I was glad...." Zayn said nodding, his eyes were off reliving the memories. I was in such a surprise. I couldn't take this! 

   "Sutton...when we went swimming with you that night......I wanted to have sex with you. I wanted to do so much to you, and I know I couldn't! Then when I did...I felt so in love with you! I wanted to take you from Zayn! I loved when you and him were broken up...I wanted to get you for myself. But...I can't..I now know you don't love me, and we can never be together!" Harry smiled at me but was fake. I couldn't listen anymore. 

"Liam? Dani?" Louis asked them. They shrugged. "Nothing's wrong with our relationship!" Danielle smiled at Liam. 

"WHAT A FUCKING BULLSHIT LIE!" El shouted at her through her tears. "IT'S NOT!" Dani said sighing, and Liam was getting nervous. 

"STOP! Let's just stop!!!!! I can't hear this anymore. I don't care about anything anymore. I don't care about that! Who cares about this shit. It's just gonna tear us apart!!!" I shouted at everyone. They looked at me. 

" She's right...this is the past." Louis said to everyone smiling at me. 

"FUCK! Do you have feelings for Sut?" El asked Lou. 

"NO! Gosh. QUIT JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS!!!!! I SMILED BECAUSE I AM A GOOD FRIEND" he shouted at her. I've never seen her like this...us all of us like this. We were all on edge. 

"I think everyone needs to go. I think we time to think...everyone...just please go....it's time to sleep. I am still drunk and I can't take this fighting...this is wrong. Sorry for ruining your relationship Lou...bye El..."

I said as they stood up....



    I was relieved when everyone left slowly. Zayn an I were alone silently sitting on the couch. I had ice on my pain filling jaw. 

"So? You kissed Louis...you thought it was me?" He asked me smiling. 

I laughed a bit..."Yeah....I saw the quiff an I don't know why..but my brain went, 'ZAYN'!" I giggled at myself thinking how stupid I am. 

"So you were gonna kiss me?" He asked licking his lips. I bit down on my bottom one. 

"Yeah...I was.." I felt myself bush. 

"So? Do you think I could have it now?" He asked me. I dropped the ice and smiled. 

"Well you did punch me in the jaw..and it hurts a lot." I said like a girly girl. 

"You got raped and cut up and abused an you think me punching you is bad?" He asked...it kinda hurt , but I knew he was joking. 

"You're right..." I said crawling over to him and leaning over him. Our noses touching. 

I looked in his eyes. They were filled with love, lust and happiness. 

"Sorry.." I leaned back down. I putted the ice back on. 

"No..." He said leaning over me....I felt his hot breath on my neck, and I closed my eyes....

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