Hidden Love and Passion

(Sequel to Secrets, Lies & Love)
You thought everything ended with Sutton and Zayn, but you're wrong. No, everything is just beginning. You think they are going to stay together? Well it's time for tour again, and some people make some wrong choices, and tears are shed. Fists thrown. More drama then ever. You think Sutton's safe? She's still in danger, will Zayn be there to protect her? Or will someone else become her knight and shining armor!?
More drama and twist. Keep reading this crazy movella!!!


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   Zayn's P.O.V


   I was almost done getting ready. I was on my finishing touches. I grabbed my house keys and car keys. 


  I walked to my car and started it. I waited, and thought about this. Is this right? Should I go?


  I finally decided to go and I pulled up to Sutton and Sara's flat. I saw a car in the drive. It wasn't Sara's nor was it Josh's. I was a little taken back but whatever. It might be Sutton's dad. I parked the car and I walked to her door. I sighed and knocked. I was scared what if she tells me she doesn't want anything to do? What if she wants me back? I am so unsure. I can't decide maybe I should go. 


I knocked and I heard "hey babe. He's here." Who the hell was that? I mean who was that? Who was calling her babe? Did Sara and Josh break up? Was there a guy there?


The door swung open. Sutton was wearing some sweats and a black tank top. "Come in make yourself at home." She said letting me walk in. her hair was in a messy bun. I walked in and walked to the living room.


   A little 16 year old boy wale down the hall and hugged Sutton  He pulled her by the hips and pulled her close to him. "Oh are you babysitting?" I asked her tilting my head. She rolled her eyes. "Zayn this is my boyfriend Dustin." Sutton said as she half smiled at me. 

"Oh I'm sorry. I bet I  was a big competition before him. Is he good in bed?" I asked her. She raised her eye brows. "Has he ever seen a vagina? He's a virgin?" I asked loudly. "Shut up!" She snapped at me. 

"He can't even hold you right. You don't like being held at the hips, it's higher." I said pointing to her. 

"Zayn just shut up!" Sutton harshly hissed at me. 

"I'm sorry. I think he has to get going to school." I said to her smiling. 

"Bye babe." He kissed her on the cheek, and walked out the door, as Sutton closed it behind him. 

She angrily walked over to me, and laid on the couch. "Can't you learn to shut up for once?" She asked me. "You're dating a little boy!" I said sitting b her. She rolled her eyes. 

"Can't you be happy I am just happy?" She asked me. "Really? Are you really happy?" I asked her, her lip quivered and I saw her head turn. She set her head in her knees and her face was hidden. I rubbed the back of my neck.


  After some intense minutes she lifted her head and I moved closer to her, tear streaks ran down her face and it killed me. I pulled her body close to mine an I held her in my arms. Her head pressed to my chest as she sobbed silently. 

"Yeah, you look so happy." I whispered to her. She lifted her head and looked at me. She punched my arm playfully. "Shut up." She giggled. "He's a douche. Why are you with him?" I asked her. She sighed. "That's not why you're here..." She sighed loudly. 

I shook my head. 

"What's up?" I asked her. She looked in my eyes and I wanted to pull her up to me and kiss her, I wanted to rip off that tank top and kiss her neck. I wanted to run my fingers through her hair and have her whimper my name.

"Zayn?" She called pulling me back to reality. 

"I don't have a job....I can't stay here Sara is kicking me out...I have no where to go. I am not going to Simon's or dad's that'll just show them that I can't be on my own...so can I stay with you? I know you have that guess room." She said vastly. 

I adjusted my posture. 

"So you wanna live with me?" I asked her, and licked my lips. 

"Yeah, just until I am back on my feet." She said biting her bottom lip. I looked at her, and sighed. "So how long are we talking?" I asked her. 

"I don't know yet. I mean....it's unclear. I don't have to pick you. I can always stay with Niall or Haz...or Liam." She said standing up. 

I quickly grabbed her forearm and pulled her. 

"I'll go home...make it nice. I will be back in the morning..9 am to get your things." I smiled at her. She smiled seriously this time. 

"Thanks Zayn. Thank you so much." She jumped up and hugged me.....thanks Sutton....Thanks..

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