Hidden Love and Passion

(Sequel to Secrets, Lies & Love)
You thought everything ended with Sutton and Zayn, but you're wrong. No, everything is just beginning. You think they are going to stay together? Well it's time for tour again, and some people make some wrong choices, and tears are shed. Fists thrown. More drama then ever. You think Sutton's safe? She's still in danger, will Zayn be there to protect her? Or will someone else become her knight and shining armor!?
More drama and twist. Keep reading this crazy movella!!!


14. It's you



    Liam's P.O.V

  I was laying on the couch with Loki and Dani, when Zayn comes through my door with tears streaming down his face. "Mate what's wrong?" I asked him sitting up. Loki jumped up and jumped on Zayn. Zayn just sat on the couch across from us. "Do you want me to leave?" Dani asked him, he shook his head. "No, you know her best." He said rubbing his face with his hands. "Who? Is this about Sutton?" Dani asked him. He nodded and leaned back.

"She has a boyfriend. She's with someone. He's 17. That Dustin kid....Fuck. She's gonna take his virginity and I'm gonna hate it. I took hers and now she's taking other people's!" He said aggressively. "Mate it's fine. She's probably just trying to get over you. Her an I just talked a bit ago about it all. She's madly in love with you. That's why she picked you to stay with....Because Niall or Harry or us wold have taken her in. And Sara did kick her out but Josh said she could stay with him but she said she missed you and wanted to stay with you!" Dani smiled at him. "Really?" He asked Dani. "why would I lie to you about that?" She asked him and giggled. 

"It's just hard letting go of someone you love so much for, for them to be happy and to see them smile on their own." He said and let the tears fall more and more. It killed me to see tough guy Zayn. 

"I mean maybe if I loved her more, or kissed her more, or if I didn't be such a douche she would be mine. Maybe just maybe if I didn't make her feel like shit she owuld be saying her last name is Malik. She would be saying Sutton Malik. You know what she won't ever. I can't live in a house with the girl I love and not keep myslef off her, it was so hard the other day I just wanted to kiss her and make her scream my name it was killing me. I mean to see her unhappy kills me she cried in front of me because she hates her life and you know what? I can't do anything about it. I can't hug her and kiss her to tell her she'll be ok! I can't love her and make her feel good. I just can't." He sobbed to himself. Dani looked up, and went to sit by Zayn. She began rubbing hsi back, and he looked up, his eyes red and his face red as ever.

"Don't sweat it. She's just going through a hard time, I mean with what happened to her, with her dad and everything, with you and her. I mean she's trying to get over it, and she can't help it....She's probably trying to get over you." Dani said trying to comfort him but I didn't know if it was working. 

"I just...I just can't help myself when I'm with her, or around her. She's so...so perfect...so I can't even  describe her to anyone..." He said trying to catch his breath. 


    Sutton's P.O.V


   Dustin was still outside yet Zayn left, what was he doing? 

I grabbed a jumper and walked outside, an I saw Dustin out back at the hill. 

I walked up to him and sat down next to him. "Hey are you ok?" I asked him. He sighed. "I-" He didn't finish, just looked at me.

"Sutton look..." He began, he turned towards me and grabbed my hand, I stood back up. "No, don't do the whole Sutton look thing...." I tried to catch my breath. 

"If you want to break up just say so...." I said with my lip quivering. He took a big breath in. 

"Zayn really loves you...He told me everything, how you love to he held all the things to make you happy. He told me to never let you go, because you're the best thing I could have...but in reality I think he was speaking for himself. I think wanted someone to love you like him...but I can't...I know I can't...I think he wants you happy but he doesn't wanna see you with someone else. He didn't threaten me. He asked me to make you happy. So I am right now. Sutton I think you should be with Zayn. It would make you happy...." He said to me, and got up looking in my eyes. "But...us?" I asked him. "Sutton I'm 17 years old! I can't love someone. Especially someone as you...you're way far away from my league we both know you don't love me. I'm sorry it's over." He said not moving his eyes. I crossed my arms. I nodded. "Thanks, well you can leave now." I said motioning him to go away. 

"Sutton don't be mad." He asked grabbing my shoulder. "Just.....GO!......? Wait...Thanks...ya know for saving my life...." I said turning and sitting on the hill with my knees to my chest. "I-Bye Sutton" he said an I heard him walk down the hill....


      I was on that hill looking at the sun hit the water just perfectly for what seemed like hours. 

"Sutton?" I heard someone call. I turned and saw Niall running towards me. "Hey?" I asked wiping my tears from my face. 

He sat down next to me. "I was gonna take Zayn out for dinner but he's not here, I saw your things but I couldn't find you, so now I did...what's wrong?" He asked me, I leaned on him pressing my face into his chest, sobbing harder than ever. 

"Niall remember at your flat before I got mad at you, when I said I liked someone?" I asked him, he pulled my up an I looked into his blue sensitive eyes. "Yeah?" He asked tilting his head. "Well...I...It's just I-Never mind." I smiled at him as he held me tight. "It'll be alright. He rubbed my back. I nodded. 

It's you Niall...it's you.

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