Hidden Love and Passion

(Sequel to Secrets, Lies & Love)
You thought everything ended with Sutton and Zayn, but you're wrong. No, everything is just beginning. You think they are going to stay together? Well it's time for tour again, and some people make some wrong choices, and tears are shed. Fists thrown. More drama then ever. You think Sutton's safe? She's still in danger, will Zayn be there to protect her? Or will someone else become her knight and shining armor!?
More drama and twist. Keep reading this crazy movella!!!


22. It's hard



   Zayn's P.O.V



   I leaned over Sutton and she closed her eyes. I quickly pulled from her and sat next to her rubbing my jaw, and she gave me a questioned look.  "I am so sorry Sutton for punching you...I would never ever hurt you on purpose! I swear!" I began as she pressed her index finger to my lips, smiling.  I listened in the silence of things, hearing the pitter patter of the rain of the roof...the rain!

   I grabbed Sutton's hand. "Come with me!" I said pulled her to the door and walking out.

"It's raining! I don't have shoes on!" She laughed at me.  "So?" I shrugged my shoulders at her pulling her towards me. 


   As we ran to the hill, the rain hit me harder and more and more the next step. 

We reached the hill and we were two soaked drunk people. 

"Zayn!" She giggled as we got to the top. "Why are we here?" She asked me, her eyes were sparkling from the moon light...I was in a trance.

   "Your favorite thing to do is dance in the rain.." I smiled at her, I saw her face drop, her mouth gasp.

"Y-You listened to me? I thought you just thought I was kidding...we.." She couldn't finish. "I would never ignore you...ever!" I said pulling her body close to mine. She hung her head as the rain fell in between us. 

I began moving in a circular motion as she followed my steps. 

"Zayn?" She asked breaking the silence. I nodded as she looked up. "I am so sorry leaving you...so harshly. I am sorry for being such a bitch to you I mean I must have killed you. When I fucked Haz, or liked Ni...or just kissed Lou.."  She laughed to herself. "I don't care about that..I truly don't. You have no reason to apologize to me I should...I am the douche!" I laughed with her, then licked my lips.

   "Sutton..you have no idea!" I said to her, but I didn't she heard. 

"What do you mean?" She asked as we kept our motion going. I sighed, here it comes.

 "Sutton, it's so hard seeing you without me. Seeing you smile without my dumb jokes! Knowing you won't be safe at night because I can't hold you in my arms! To-To see you with my friends and know you want absolutely nothing to do with me! I mean...not being able to sit and watch your movies at 4 am just so you'll go to sleep. Being woken up by your covers on me. Or...waking up and watching your smile never fade as you sleep. Or how your chest stayed at a steady rate. Then watching your eyes flutter open revealing your gorgeous sea blue eyes look into my eyes. That's the best fucking feeling to have in the morning. Saying good bye when I left for work and knowing you'll sometimes show up at rehearsals an you an El would make signs as we stood on stage and cheer at us like the crowd does." I paused, we stopped turning, now I was just holding her in my arms as she watched my face.

"Seeing your face when I got home an all the stories about work, I could listen to you rant for hours, as long as your voice filled the room. The way you cuddled with me when you were feeling insecure about yourself. The way I ALWAYS felt weak at my knees when ever I saw you! The feeling I get when I kissed you was indescribable! The way your hand fits with mine...when you would sing your voice echoing through the house as you made breakfast. When you would photo spam my phone when you were lonely. Our fight I loved. Even if I was right I would take the blame as long as I got to see you smile that's all I ever wanted, was for you to be happy...now I see you're happy....without me...but....it's hard letting someone go...just for them to be happy...it hurts a lot it feels like you just got thrown from a skyscraper and hit the ground and felt the whole pain...run through your veins, your heart....but as long as your happy...I am as well." I smiled, her face was broken..lost..

She began to breathe hard and I knew she was crying...her face gave it up. 

"I-I have to go!" She said to me, as I watched her run down the hill to the house...  "The last thing is...I love you Sutton...I am madly, deeply crazily in love with you..."

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