Hidden Love and Passion

(Sequel to Secrets, Lies & Love)
You thought everything ended with Sutton and Zayn, but you're wrong. No, everything is just beginning. You think they are going to stay together? Well it's time for tour again, and some people make some wrong choices, and tears are shed. Fists thrown. More drama then ever. You think Sutton's safe? She's still in danger, will Zayn be there to protect her? Or will someone else become her knight and shining armor!?
More drama and twist. Keep reading this crazy movella!!!


7. GUYS!

Hey guys, so thanks for Liking, Fav, and commenting! 

Anyways I am here to say I am so ashamed. 

It was Greg's wedding day today! Some idiotic 'fan' decided to crash it by yelling for Niall.

I know you're a fan or so you say. But's it's not Niall's day it's his brothers, Niall locked himself in the bathroom and cried because he blames himself for ruining the wedding. 

Sometimes this fandom upsets me, people don't know what private space is.

They are normal people to. They do normal things, and have normal times, Niall was just trying to support his brother by going and being the best man at his brothers wedding and some stupid person had to ruin it. 

Sometimes I wish the old fandom was back, where the boys were on the steps. 

Where we all ate carrots and hated spoons, where we all wanted a pet cat and a mirror. Where we all just liked watching their videos, not things like this. This new fandom is getting out of control. I am sorry, that I am ranting but it's not fair. 

Not all directioners are bastards like the one who ruined an innocent guys wedding. 

We're not all the same. Now half of the 1D family hates us, because of one stupid mistake! 

They make the whole fandom looked like we are stupid and mentally ill. 

The people who do things like that aren't a fan. They are a unworthy space of life, I am not sorry, if you can't respect someone else's life no one should respect yours. 

It makes me sick. 

You have no common sense!

Sorry if it sounds harsh, but it's really sad, now Greg hates us. It's his day and some person ruined it, now Nialler's sad. 

I am so ashamed. 

But hey, not all of us are crazy. Some of us actually know how to act, and have respect. 

Thanks for me ranting. 

Love you all. 

I truly do. 

Mwah! X

Have great spring breaks, I am having mine soon! 

(Easter break) Whatever you call it. :)

Love you ! XOXO

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