Hidden Love and Passion

(Sequel to Secrets, Lies & Love)
You thought everything ended with Sutton and Zayn, but you're wrong. No, everything is just beginning. You think they are going to stay together? Well it's time for tour again, and some people make some wrong choices, and tears are shed. Fists thrown. More drama then ever. You think Sutton's safe? She's still in danger, will Zayn be there to protect her? Or will someone else become her knight and shining armor!?
More drama and twist. Keep reading this crazy movella!!!


13. Everything's gone now..



Zayn's P.O.V


   I pulled up to Sutton's ex flat. I walked up to the door, with my hands shaking. I was nervous, I mean my ex moving in with me?

I knocked and the door slowly opened. Sutton was standing there, her long hair was curled and was laid perfectly on her shoulder, she was wearing a black Victoria Secret jumper and a pair of short shorts jeans. I looked at her and felt like it was only her an I. "Thanks for picking me up." She said and threw her bag over her shoulder. "Anymore bags?" I asked her, she pointed to the living room. 

  I walked in and saw pictures of Sutton and Josh together holding a cake that said 'Happy B-Day SaraBear' I chuckled at their crazy antics. I went down the row and saw more pics of Sara and Sutton. I found myself smiling at what they were doing. 

"That's the day I came back" I heard her say, I turned and she was crossing her arms. "I-I'm sorry. I just was looking at them..." I trailed off rubbing the back of my neck. "Let's just go." She said walking back to the door. I smiled to myself and grabbed her bags. 


 We were in the car, her face looking out the window. 

"Thanks again Zayn. I mean for letting my stay with you. I couldn't stay with Harry....Dustin wouldn't trust me, he wouldn't with Niall, and I see Niall's looking for a girl, so I don't wanna be in his way. Louis, El, Liam and Dani don't have room. So your my choice, so thanks for being so helpful...it's really nice, even after what I did to you." She said then looked at me, I gripped the steering wheel harder, I nodded. "Anything for a friend." I said to her, she shifted in her seat and pulled out her phone. 

 "Hello? Hey, yeah he picked me up.....Yeah, no seriously I will be fine. He's gonna be ok. He actually...yeah....ok...bye" She hung up her phone. 

"Was that the baby?" I asked her smiling. "Shut up. He's my boyfriend. He's nice. He saved my life...More than I Can say for you." She said and sat back. "Sutton I haven't seen you in what....4 months. I am sorry..I just don't think  months cut it for moving on!" I said shaking my head, my heart racing...

"Who said I moved on? Maybe I was way over you along time ago! Maybe I was never into you!" She said, breaking my heart. I sighed and nodded, biting my lip. 

"Sorry. You're helping me, I shouldn't fight.." She said and looked back out at the window. 


"We're here." I said parking at my house....our house.

She got out an I grabbed her bags, she walked behind me to the doors. I opened it up and walked in. 


     Sutton's P.O.v


 I followed Zayn into the house. "Over here." He shortly said to me, as I followed him up the stairs and down the hall. He changed everything since I left.....Nothing was in the same place...

"Here's your room." He said setting my things down. I walked in the guest room and my mouth fell open. I covered it with my hands. 

"Zayn!" I cried. he leaned over towards the door. "This is what I was working on, all night, all day today." 

The room was light blue with pictures hanging of all the places I wanted to go. My bed was a queen and was filled with pillows with the Eiffel Tower on them. My bed spread was a white one with little city names on them. I smiled almost in tears that he did this all for me. I looked at my other wall. 

I turned and punched Zayn in the arm. "What?" he smirked at me. "The posters. Really!" I giggled and shook my head. One whole wall was filled with One Direction posters. 

"What, in case you missed us!" He chuckled loudly. "I do miss everyone." I said biting my bottom lip hard. 

"Well, you can settle in, dinner's at 7." He said walking out into the hall. I nodded..."Zayn wait!" I called to him. 

"Yes?" He asked me, his eyes were a brown green and they were light, sparkling, full of fun, laughter...His jaw flexed. "Uh...thanks..." I curled my lips in getting chilly. He nodded, smiled then walked down the hall....


I finished unpacking and decided to get something to drink. 

I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. 

There was some hot chocolate on the island in a cup and a note. 

    'I know this is your fav, so I made some. It might be cold...warm it up :)  I love you Sutton...-Zayn' 

I grabbed the cup and put it in the microwave. I waited until it beeped. 

I grabbed the steamy cup and walked to the living room. I walked to the fireplace and turned it on, it sucked being in the house you were in when you were engaged...with the boy you loved so much. 

I saw all the pictures in their frames. 

One with me and Paul making faces when we told him I was getting married to Zayn. 

One with Niall an I, for his birthday, and on last winter at Louis' party....tears fell when I came across the ones were me and Zayn took to send to everyone for our wedding, where we thought were in love...his hands around my waist, and were pressed up against each other, the way he looked at me, the love and feelings that filled his face, my smile when I looked at him that picture said so much...

  "Yeah, I never got rid of any of them....I couldn't find myself to." Zayn's raspy voice said, I jumped spilling my hot coco on the ground. He smiled. "I am so sorry!" I said wiping the tears from my eyes. "It's fine. Don't worry about it." He said walking to the kitchen. "Zayn, don't I'll clean it up! I made the mess I can clean it up!" I said to him. He raised one eye brow at me, and I grabbed the wet sponge he had in his hand. "Fine." He said letting go of it. I bent down and sponged up the mess I made. I looked up and Zayn's eyes were burning in me.

"Here." I said handing him the sponge. 

"Hey, uh...it's almost 4...Dustin gets out at 4, can he come over?" I asked Zayn...I heard him swallow hard. "Sure, I love watching little kids." He said walking away, his foot steps loud and scaring me a bit...



Dustin's P.O.V

   *New Message*

From: Sutton:

 'Hey, can u come over after school? I am done unpacking...'


  'yeah, i'll be over in like 10 minutes. see ya then babe.'

From: Sutton: 

'Kay byee.'



      I walked up to the door of his house, I fucking hated how she stayed with him, I was scared what if she can't help herself?

I knocked on the door and Zayn answered it. 

"I got it Sutton, one second." He said shutting the door and walking out the house.. He walked past me and motioned me to follow him. 

"Come with me. We need to talk." He said and kept walking. I sighed silently and followed him.


   We walked for a while until we came to this little hill that overlooked the water, a lake maybe?

"Dustin is it?" He asked me. I nodded. 

"Look I see you're with Sutton now. Promise me something? Well she smiles when she's scared, please laugh at all her jokes it makes her smile. Never let go of the hug first it makes her feel wanted...When she holds her hand open take it, she wants it. Hug her and hold her all the time it makes her feel like she's yours. Kiss her in front of everyone it makes her feel loved. Say stupid things to make her smile. Her favorite movie is Alice in Wonderland and she loves watching it and drinking hot coco, she hates popcorn and she can't sleep in the pitch dark, so leave a light on. Never hug her to tight at night she has nightmares and it will only bring them back. When she has these nightmares sing to her, even if your can't it calms her down. Hug her when you leave. Never ever kiss her on the cheek she hates it, it makes her feel like you're just trying to be friends. Always look her in the eyes when talking, or she won't feel important. Dance in the rain with her, it's her favorite thing to do, always run in the grass at night with her as the stars come out, and she can't swim so hold her when you swim, even if you can't. It makes her smile. She doesn't like surprises and can't stand when you throw her a party and she doesn't know. She loves shopping with whoever, so always let her shop and always be interested in what she bought. When you two go out always tell her she looks beautiful because she is and someone needs to tell her. Cry with her, it makes you seem less scary. When you're mad don't take it out on her, she hates it. When...you two fight, take the blame...or you're gonna lose her, and that will be the worse thing that will ever happen to you...." He paused, tears filled his eyes. 

He nodded and started walking towards the house. "She's yours now....go get her...I'm going to my friends..." He said to me as he kept walking....I stood there taking everything he just said in....

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