Hidden Love and Passion

(Sequel to Secrets, Lies & Love)
You thought everything ended with Sutton and Zayn, but you're wrong. No, everything is just beginning. You think they are going to stay together? Well it's time for tour again, and some people make some wrong choices, and tears are shed. Fists thrown. More drama then ever. You think Sutton's safe? She's still in danger, will Zayn be there to protect her? Or will someone else become her knight and shining armor!?
More drama and twist. Keep reading this crazy movella!!!


24. Come here



  Sutton's P.O.V

 I sat down on my bed, tears flowed down my face as I laid down. 

I grabbed my phone to try and get my mind off what Zayn just said. 

   *1 New Message*

From: ElBear: How the hell could you kiss my bf?

I sighed, feeling guilty. 


S: Sorry! It was an accident! I swear I didn't mean to! I am not attracted to Louis!

E: W-I can't stop thinking about it! You swabbed spit with my bf!!!!!!

S: I am sorry. What do you want me to do? Gosh wipe your ass?

E: Just....stop talking to me for a while. I can't forgive you for this! 

S: So your friend makes a mistake so you hate them? Wow, thanks for always being there for me!

E: I just...it hurt.

S: YA THINK!? I hurt Zayn! What else could I do? Kill myself?  Would that make everyone happy?

E: NO!

S: Sorry I can't talk to you for a while.

E: Sutton! Stop! I am just mad!



 I threw my phone across the room, I watched as it hit the wall. I put my head to my knees, and sobbed silently as my throat swelled up feeling like I was going to vomit. I felt like I had a cotton mouth. 


    "I Like the way you sing and when you dance with me! I love your messy hair I love the way-" Someone sang out my window. I jumped up wiping the tears from my eyes. I then realized it was my imagination...no one was singing it was all i my head... I sighed, feeling more and more empty about it all....the rain was pouring an I left Zayn out there...why? What have I done to him?

   I walked downstairs and heard the TV on it was on the X-Factor. I smiled loving how they still watched it. 

I walked into the living room slowly still wet, I see Zayn has changed his clothes. 

"Hey." He said as I sat down on the other side of the couch. He didn't really do anything, but watch TV. 

I watched as he threw some chips into his mouth. I studied his tats smiling knowing some are so dumb and irrelevant.

I looked at his stubble on the outline of his face framing it perfectly. I found myself smiling oddly. 

"You checking me out?" He interrupted me from staring at him. I was like deer in the head lights...

"No!" I said to his question. 

"You were totally just checking me out!" He blushed a bit licking his bottom lip. "No I didn't!!!" I defended myself. "Uh-huh! What ever helps you sleep at night..." He chuckled to himself...


   Zayn's P.O.V


  I looked at Sutton as she innocently twirled her hair in between her fingers. She looked like a princess. 

"You must have had a princess like child hood...way better than mine!" I chuckled to myself as she sat up and frowned her eye brows at me. "What do you mean?" She asked as if I offended her. "You're freaking Simon Cowell's Niece! Almost like his daughter!" I smiled at her, her face went blank. 

She blankly looked down as if she was distant. 

  "My child hood? You think it was good? When I was 9 I watched my mum get beat to death...I had no idea where my dad went...they I waited for them to come back....the next day a bunch of people were asking me questions....Then I saw my uncle I never saw then they expected me to live with this guy! Yeah right...for some odd reason he would always call me 'Duck' was fi for comfort? His brother's missing and he has to take care of his kid?-" She paused getting some air... 

 "Simon was always gone with his job so I had a nanny..her name was Elisa. She would always read to me about princesses and she would tell me stories about them...my favorite was Rapunzel. I felt trapped in a castle...I was waiting for a prince to come and get me....I remember my first day of school there....kids were dropped off at the front by their dads and mums. They would kiss them good bye... "Bye mum...love you...." They would say. After schools. The kids would run to their parents. "Look what I made daddy..." Some kids would say as their dads would kiss them...Or "I made this for you mummy!" Their voices still echoing in my head..I never had that..." She hesitated as her eyes watered but she wiped it away.

"Dads are suppose to tell you and prove that super heros are real. They show their daughters that they will be loved for their selves one day. Mums bake cookies for you and sing and cuddle you...they make the monsters go away they kiss away boo boos. They make you feel embarrassed and they make you hurt...I never got to run to my dads side when someone hurt me...I had no one. When I got my period I never had my mum to tell me I was going to be ok..When I got my heart broken I would never had a dad to kill the boy.." She laughed to herself as some faint tears fell down her cheek. 

"On my  first date when I walk downstairs I won't have a mum saying I look beautiful. Or see my dads face that his baby's growing up. At prom I won't have parents to let their baby go...On my wedding day I'll never be able to be in my room asking my mum if I look nice...she'll smile and say beautiful. I'll never have a dad to walk me down the isle not wanting his baby girl to leave him. For him to trust the boy, to take care of me...or have my mums hand to hold as I give birth...I never had that Zayn...You have a mum and a dad!" She said to me as her lip quivered. 

"You have a dad though...you found him.." I smiled at her. She shook her head at me. 

"He missed most of my life...he's not my dad...I don't talk to him. He watched as 2 men raped and beat me..then I let him go as they caught me again...I will never forgive him for that...I have no one like that...sure Simon's like a dad...but I was old enough to know he's not.." She said covering her mouth with her hand...

"I am so sorry Sutton...You have me" I said to her, as she laughed hard. "What?" I asked her. "I do.." She laughed and laughed...watching her nose scrunch...

"Can I show you something?" I asked her, she hesitated. "What?" She asked if she knew it already. "Just come with me." I said out reaching my hand to her...she slowly took it.  Her hand cold and soft...it fit perfectly in mine. "Close your eyes." I instructed her.

"Zayn." She giggled as her eyes fluttered closed. "Just trust me." I said leading her upstairs. 

"Yeah that's been good in the past?" She teased me..making my heart rip a bit.


    "Wait here." I told her, she covered her eyes with her hands. "Ok..hurry. It's dark..I don't like it!!" She shouted smiling. I studied every thing about her. 


"Ok open." I told her.. She opened her eyes. Her mouth falling open. "Z-Zayn!" She whispered through tears...




Hey!!! So you like it? Yes? I cried..I don't know why! So sad...boohoo! Some of you might be able to relate...if you do my heart goes to you..I heard about Boston as well. SO PRAY FOR BOSTON! <3333

Anyways...so what do you think it is? What is Zayn showing her?? AHHH ZUTTON!! 

One day I wanna trend this #Zutton 

See if Zayn catches on! 

I so funny! He won't. -_-

Well I love you all! I love so much reading your comments. 

Trust me I read them all!

I love them they all make me smile!  :DDDDD

Oh yeah so someone messaged me on Wattpad saying they liked this book and I should make a sequel...and she wanted to know how they met...

So if you don't know.

This book is a sequel to 'Secrets, Lies && Love'

So it's the second part of the story...it's all in the other book. So if you didn't know that!

Haha so funny some people. 

Love you all 


It's not a beginning.

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