Me and Emily will write short and long imagines for you, want one comment your name, one of the boys, your hair and eye colour, and your age!:)


18. short Niall imagine- he saves you from being bored

 You were with your mum and she was at her friends house, they were talking about work and boring stuff adults talk about! You were sat on the sofa awkwardly watching tv and texting your boyfriend Niall! 
TO: Nialler <3 
I am stuck at my mums friends house again you know the one I brought you too once! 
FROM: Nialler <3
Awww bet your bored! I will save you some way! 
TO: Nialler <3 
How? Haha hope you can! 
You put your phone down And got up to get a drink! 
“you alright (Y/N)” your mum asks you and you smile nodding! You downed the drink and went to sit down when the door bell went off! Your mums friend answered and a policemen stood at the door! 
“I believe you have a girl named (Y/N) here with you” he said in an awful American accent 
“yes, yes she is” she said and you walked to the door, your mums friend walking away
“I need to talk to you privately can we go out here please!” the policemen said and you followed him out shutting the door! 
“what have i done?” you say and he laughs 
“don’t worry (Y/N) it me!” the policeman said and pulled his wig and glasses off!
“Niall” you screeched and smiled hugging him, placing a soft kiss on his lips!
“you so bored now?” he says and laughed 
“I love you Niall” you say pecking his lips an he kisses you back 
“I love you too”

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