Me and Emily will write short and long imagines for you, want one comment your name, one of the boys, your hair and eye colour, and your age!:)


4. Niall imagine~Emily

you had always got a small amount of hate ever since you and Niall announced that you two were together and it was never that bad it would be things like your ugly, or you don't deserve Niall he should be mine, i will be married to him not you. 

you would always reply with i know im not perfect or am i invited to the wedding. 

"morning Babe" Niall said rolling over to face you, you smiled 

"Morning" you said back " have a nice sleep?" you asked him! he nodded and got out of bed

"im going to have a shower" Niall said to you walking into the bathroom. as soon as he went out the room you logged onto twitter your phone had been going crazy all morning beeping at every tweet you received! you never looked at your twitter when Niall was around in case you got up set, you didn't want to anger Niall with it! you logged in and hate was streaming through your twitter account! 

"you don't deserve Niall"

" your a filthy sket, with a horrible figure and a stupid dress sense your ugly and why Niall chose you when he could have me is stupid he has a bit of a slow brain if he chooses you instead of all of us!!!"

"BITCH, i bet you sleep with all the band members and all the other boys you meet when you go on tour with them! filthy whore!!" 

you couldn't believe it why was today so bad, all the other days are normally the easiest thing to handle.

Niall walked in with some sweats and a t- shirt on you smiled weakly at him and he came over to you, "whats up Babe , whats happened" Niall's voice was full of worry 

you looked down at you phone and put it to the tweets and showed him. 

"babe, that's awful how long have they been sending these to you?" he said to you giving you your phone back

"it started today" you said holding your phone tight and looking down at it, a tear trickled down your cheek hitting the screen of your phone. niall looked at you, and faced you! he lifted you chin with 2 fingers and wiped away the tears with his thumb.

"none of that is true and never will be, it wont matter if she turns up for that wedding cause i sure as hell wont be!" you giggled

" Now keep your head up princess, don't want your tiara falling off now do you" he said to you before holding you close you rested you head on his chest and hugged him tight. 

"I love you Niall" you said to Niall 

"love you to"  he replied 

you stayed like this for an hour just talking and messing around with an occasional kiss  

~Emily Horan xxx <3 


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