Me and Emily will write short and long imagines for you, want one comment your name, one of the boys, your hair and eye colour, and your age!:)


1. Louis Imagine ~Rhianna

You and Louis have been dating for 3 years now, Your 23 he's 24. You get a phone call at 7 in the morning on a Friday, it's Louis. You answer he says " i will pick you up at 7 tonight wear something nice, love you " then he hangs up.

You get up quickly put some clothes on then go shopping to buy an outfit. You get a turquoise short strapless dress,with silver colour high hell shoes. You get home then curl your hair, do your make up then put your dress on. When your done its 6:45, you go down stairs and make you're self a glass of wine, at 6:59 Louis arrives dressed in a black suit. he hugs you and says you look beautiful. You leave the house he puts a blind fold over your eyes, you get in the car and 10 minutes later the car stops. Louis helps you out the car then he takes the blindfold off your eyes you see candles everywhere and louis holds your hands and takes you across the bridge you see a picnic blanket on the floor with blankets. You and Louis sit down on the blanket you sit and watch the stars. Then Louis gets up then neels down on one knee. You smile, then he asks you the big question " y/n will you marry me" you say yes he kissed you picks you up then spins you around.

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