Me and Emily will write short and long imagines for you, want one comment your name, one of the boys, your hair and eye colour, and your age!:)


9. imagine with louis for jenn~your daughter wets the bed!~emily

You were sat on the sofa opposite Louis as him and his mental mates he had known for to long would swear at the t.v or jump up and down in excitement because there favorite team had scored a goal. It was about half 9 at night and Your baby girl was in bed fast asleep! Her name was Hope, she had luscious brown fluffy hair that curled at the bottom, her eye's bright blue! 

"Fuck you, pathetic goal keeper can't save a ball, fucking bastard!" Louis screamed at the T.v as you sat trying to read your modelling script! It was about what you would be wearing to the next photo shoot and what to expect and what type of poses to do! 

"FUCK SAKE C'MON, C'MON! YESSSSS!!!!! GOALLLL!" The lads shouted as you just starred at them laughing! You turned to look at your paper when you felt a small dainty hand press to your shoulder tapping it a few time's, You turned around and Hope was standing in front of you tears brimming her eye lids! She had her thumb in her mouth and her fluffy brown teddy bear tucked under her other arm! 

"mommy...." she said trailing off at the end!

"Yes sweetie what's the matter!" You coo at her as a tear falls down her face. you picked her up sitting her on your lap but pulled her straight back off you as you felt wetness. you looked at her pink and white pj trousers and they had a wet patch

"Aww hope, sweetie did you have an accident?" You say as you kiss her forehead and sweep back tiny whisps of hair that fell out of her tiny ponytail on the top of her head! she nodded and hugged her teady bear hidding her face in as her muffled sound of tears fell from her eye's! 

"It's on my bed mommy!" She sniffled and you nodded smiling at her

"I know Hope, come on let's go clean it up, shall we?" i asked her holding out my hand for her to hold. she nodded grabbing your hand as you both walked upstairs to her room, you stripped her and quickly washed her  down before grabbing a new pair of pink and green bottoms and matching top. You let her watch as you stirred her bed and put the dirty sheets in the washing basket! 

"What's happened here then sweetie!" You heard your very good looking husband say in a sweet quiet voice. she started to tear up again so Louis bent down and she ran into his arms, burrying her face in his chest she blasted out her tears and louis hugged her tight. you smiled picturing this moment as a memory never to forget! 

"Did you have a little accident, Hope?" He said rubbing her back and she nodded still hiding in his chest. he smiled a bit and stroked her hair out of her face! "it doesn't matter baby, me and your mommy had accidents when we were little!" He said and she laughed 

"Really?" She said sweetly sniffling a bit 

"Really" Louis said and hugged her he picked her up and lay her in her fresh bed! you both kneeled either side of her bed. 

"night Hope, sweet dreams baby" you say kissing her foehead and walking to the door. 

"Sweet dreams baby girl, just imagine your in a far away land! remember to infinity and beyong just like buzz!" Louis said and started to sing a verse from one of his bands song moments,

"you know i'll be your life your voice your reason to be, my love, my heart is beating for this moment in time, i'll find the words to say, before you leave me today!" He finished it quietly and Hope was fast asleep. you waited out side the door for Louis and he smiled at you closing it quietly. 

"I love you Louis!" you said and wrapped your hand tightly around his neck

"I love you too Jenn!" He says to you before he presses his lips to yours

"YESSSS, GOALLLLL!!!" You both heard screams and louis looked at you

"Shit, i forgot all about the game!" He picked you up and ran downstairs. he sat you on his lap and you snuggled close to him. 

"Yess boys!" He high fived his mates before leaving feathery kisses on your cheek and lips! 

"When did you become such a softie?" His two mates say and he smirks

"since i met this beautiful girl!" He says and kisses your lips once more before screaming Yessssss!!!  At the t.v because someone from the other team got sent off and his team had scored! 


hope you like it, it's probably not what you expected but i tried hard, hope you do like it though and i will make and outfit for you and post it on the comments! 

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