Me and Emily will write short and long imagines for you, want one comment your name, one of the boys, your hair and eye colour, and your age!:)


10. imagine with Harry for Yahaira~EMILY

Yahaira's P.O.V 

JUST IMAGINE.....                 (haha i don't know, hope you like, will make you an outfit)

I liked Harry, ALOT! But my brother forbid me to go out with any of his band mates! He didn't trust them with me! I was his younger sister 17 to be exact but that didn't mean he could boss me around lie i was 17. I loved Liam, really i did i was just he was always to protective of me! Ever since our mum and dad got killed in the street down the road from there house murdered by a gun. I hated thinking about it but it was reality, it happened and there gone so we have to get on with life there memories still living with us! Liam want's me to stay young forever, so he can treat me like his kid, when him and his girlfriend ebony are expecting soon anyway and he will be looking after his actual child. 

I walked over to The kitchen in my bed shorts and one of Harry's baggy white shirts, he had let me sleep in it yesterday as i had snuck into his room when Liam went to bed and slept with him then at about 6 o'clock i went back to my room and waited for Liam to check on me before coming downstairs! I clicked the kettle switch letting the once cold water heat up and bubble! The kettle bubbling looked like an exact replica of what my stomach did whenever i saw Harry, his gorgeous Brown curls and bright green eye's i could never resist starring into. Me and Harry were like a couple, we went on dates, kissed, hugged, held hands, snuggled up on the sofa and watched chic flicks as much as Harry hated it! The thing is.....Liam just doesn't approve! 

I grabbed a cup placing it on the side and pouring some milk in, putting the tea bag in i grabbed another cup hearing foot steps coming from the stairs! i filled that one as well stirring the bag around before throwing it away.

"Hello beautiful!" I heard the husky voice of the only boy i wanted say as he snaked his arms around my waist! 

"Hello!" I said kissing his shoulder and wiggling from his grip to pass him his tea. I grabbed them both and walked to the living room, Harry trailing behind me!  I put them on the table and lunged myself at the couch. Harry laughed but joined me our feet playing war to see which one's would get the most room! Harry won so in the end i rested my legs on his. He put his arms on them

"Best arm rest ever!" He shouted and i shhhed him 

"Everyone's asleep!" I said and he covered his mouth, slapping his hand against his mouth quickly.  He started to kiss my neck from behind so i leaned back giving him even more access to it and i could feel him grin onto my skin. I turned round in his arms and started to kiss his lips letting him bite my bottom one every now and then as his tongue also took dominance over mine. 

"urmm..AWAY NOW HARRY!" We pulled apart and Liam was stood starring at us. I sighed and a tear leaked from my eye. 

"Hey baby don't cry, just tell him!" Harry said wiping my tear away and giving me a quick hug

"Urm Liam, please, I love Harry can't you please let me be with him, we both love each other." i sighed and Harry winked at me

"It's just...Okay i see you both love each other!" Liam said obviously giving in on seeing us both together all the time. 

"thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!" i explained hugging Liam tight before kissing his cheek "Best bother ever!" I said again before running to Harry. he picked me up twirling me around before kissing me passionately and putting me down

"Liam i wan't you to meet my girlfriend!" He said causing us to laugh!

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