Me and Emily will write short and long imagines for you, want one comment your name, one of the boys, your hair and eye colour, and your age!:)


12. imagine for poppy with Harry~Emily

"Why does mother nature have to be so fucking cruel!" You shout as you grip your stomach and roll around the bed in pain! You may of been over exaggerating a little but it still killed! Periods were the worst things ever! 

"Babe what the hell are you doing?" Harry said walking into you on your back gripping your stomach in utter pain. 

"I hate mother nature can you sue her?" You say sarcastically making Harry laugh alot, showing his amazing dimples. Harry walked over to you and held you down on the bed so that you couldn't squirm any more,

"You are stronger then this mother nature person, now do you want a tablet, paracetamol?" Harry questions you and you just shake your head with a NO

"I wan't a tablet, but i need my special ones that are in my bag!" you said they reduced your stomach pain by miles when you took them, each month on your time, you would think of those tablets as angels! Harry got up to leave and you just watched him! He should be used to you on your monthly death, you'd been together for 4 months! 

"Here you go babe!" He said minutes later coming up with a chocolate chip pancake and your tablet as well as your favorite drink! 

"Omg Haz i absolutely love you!" You explain grabbing the food from his hands as well as the drink and tablets. You gulped it all down offering Harry pancake every now and then! 

"I love you Poppy!" He suddenly said as you lay in his arms, He started to rub your stomach a little which took away alot of the pain! 

"I love you more hazza!" you say back and he kisses the top of your head! 

"maybe it's the way you walked, 

straight into my heart and stole it

through the doors and past the guards

Just like you already owned it!" He started to sing changing the words to fit with the the reason he was singing! Changing the words from SHE to You! 

"I said can you give it back to me

you said never in your wildest dreams!" He sung again making you giggle a slight bit. 

"And we danced all night to the best song ever

we know every word but we can't remember how it goes but i know

that i wont forget you 

cause we danced all night to the best song ever!" He finished singing half the song and you were blushing while giggling seriously" He started to laugh a bit and kiss your lips to stop you from laughing.

"How's that stomach ache now?" He said and you gigled

"well....Im joking, im joking it's better still painful but better!" You say laughing as he tickled you 

"Harry really DON'T tickle, at least not now" you explain making harry laugh again. 

"Haz? you'll never leave me will you?" You question him and he looks at you smiling a cute smile

"I couldn't if i tried...." 

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