Me and Emily will write short and long imagines for you, want one comment your name, one of the boys, your hair and eye colour, and your age!:)


6. Imagine for Ellie with Zayn # Rhianna

You were going to your boyfriends house on a sunday morning, when you get their his mum answers and says he's upstairs just go up, you walk up the stairs to his bedroom door, theirs a bunch of flowers with a card sat outside the door. you pick it up and read the card..

Dear Ellie,

I havent surprised you in a little while, so i thought i would.

Hope you enjoy it, love you lots.

Zayn x


*smiling* you open the door, its dark theres candles lit all around the room, with little fairy lights. Zayns standing in the corner, theres blankets on his bed, and popcorn and some coke on his desk. He says " love you ellie, what film do you want to watch? " P.S i love you or paranormal activity 2? " you run upto him and hug him. you look up at him he looks down at you and kisses you.

All day you watch films eating popcorn and drinking coke.

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