Me and Emily will write short and long imagines for you, want one comment your name, one of the boys, your hair and eye colour, and your age!:)


13. Imagine for cammy with Niall~Emily


The little thing he notices about you: 

He notices that whenever he's around you Your always covering your hands in your Jumper sleeves and you chew your jumper, He also notices that when you talk with him you look down and play with your fingers! 

More detail: (describe one of the situations and how he sorts it out!)


You were at Home with Niall, your boyfriend of 5 months now! The others boys and there girls where all out at the beach but you two wanted to spend time together. You were in the kitchen and you were sat on the island counter Niall in between your legs as you wrapped your legs round his torso! You were fiddling with your fingers and looking down at the ground. Niall was stroking his hand through your hair And caressing your cheek as his did so! He placed two fingers under your chin and lifted your head up so your eye's met his. You covered your fingers with Your jumper and he frowned

"Babe, why do you always look down when we talk or get close, why do you always cover your hands with your jumper and act so shy?" Niall asked you and you just looked down again

"Babe look at me, Now! Tell me why?" He commanded and you looked straight at him 

"I-I dunno it's j-just well i know im not good enough for you, why did you choose me out of all the millions of beautiful girls, why me? I'm not the person for you!" You say and sigh still looking down a tear falling. Niall began to get angry and slightly scarred! He picked you up and carried you up the stairs, while you just looked at him confused and quite scarred! 

"Niall what are you doing!" You say and he just stops in front of the mirror in the hall way, putting you down. 

"STAND IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR!"  he commanded angrily but you did as you were told

"Look at yourself!" He said again sternly and you just whimpered a bit

"Ni your scarring me!" You say and he just looks at you mad

"i said look at your self!" He said louder and you looked at your self. you felt two arms snake around your waist and a pair of lips brushing over the sensitive part just below your ear. 

"you are perfect, you are mine, you are no one else's and you are good enough for me!" Niall whispered, his turned on voice giving you shivers as his voice deepened even more, his accent becoming darker and showing more! 

"Your my love are my world, your all i need!" He seductively said and planted a kiss below your ear. 

"Okay Niall i believe you!" You moan a bit your voice rattling in your throat as you try to keep in the moan. 

"You like that, i can tell!" He explains as he starts to kiss the spot deeper sinking his lips into your weakest spot, he started to suck it biting lightly, but just enough to leave a mark. You started to moan more and wriggle about trying to get him to back you against the wall so you could kiss him! 

"You want to kiss me back don't you babe!" He hums against your skin as you grab his hands tight. You nod furiously and try harder to release from his grip so that you could kiss him with the passion that was building up. Niall was now breathing pure lust on to you as he bit lower down your neck onto your collar bone. He let go of your hands and started to rub your stomach rolling his hands over your hips and up your sides and then back down. He grabbed one of your hands and pulled so that you twirled into the wall. You were now facing him and trying your hardest not to Kiss his incredibly soft lips! 

"what do you want to do babe!" He whispered into your ear as you squirmed with excitement.

"I just want you!" You moaned and he smirked

"Not so innocent and shy now are you Beautiful!" He whispers and you pull him closer

"Are you trying to kill me?" you ask as he trails his hands up and down your sides. He trailed them up once more before bringing them back down and grabbing your wrists and pinning them quickly against the wall! He held them tight and lent in close, 

"kiss me!" he said and with that both of you smashed your lips against each other and he smirked into the kiss as his tongue massaged yours straight away. He moaned and you could feel him grow in between you to, you pulled at his jeans and he stopped you

"Ladies first!" He whispered in between kisses and pulled down your leggings. So pretty he said pulling at your panties. Jump he said and you did! He carried you to his room and placed you on the bed hovering over you. You took his jeans down his legs letting him have more room and let him pull your shirt over your head breaking the kiss for only a split second. 

"Are you sure!" He said pulling everything off of you and himself. 

"I want you Niall!" You said and with that he entered you. 

"Just go!" You said and he started to move letting you moan into him. You both moaned and he became sloppy. 

"3.....2....1.." With that you both came and he flopped beside you! 

"Does that prove to you that your the only one i want he asks yo and you nod cuddling into him. 
"I love you Cammy!" He says 

"I love you to Ni" You say breathing heavily.   


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