Me and Emily will write short and long imagines for you, want one comment your name, one of the boys, your hair and eye colour, and your age!:)


8. Imagine for Amber with Harry! ~Emily

Hope you like your imagine sorry it took a while, It's in your p.o.v! Thanks for the comment i'm making a polyvore for it i will add link in comments xx


Ambers P.O.V 


" I think your sister's like me!" Harry whispered to me as i laughed at Them tugging at the bottom of his t-shirt. 

"Mommy daddy can we pweasee take Hawwy to our room!" They both pleaded, They were 3 and there words would always turn into one of those adorable sentences! They're called Hunter and chastity! They both had brown curly hair and blue eye's they were adorable. Harry loved them. 

"Fine!" My dad said making the girls squeal. 

"Come with us Amber." Hunter and chastity chanted and so i followed behind Harry. I smacked Harry's ass as he took a few steps up the stairs and he turned around 

"Oi cheeky!" He said and laughed picking up one of my sisters and carrying her up the rest of the stairs. He put her down and she toddled over to her twin sister. they held each others hand and ran to Harry hugging his leg. They grabbed his hand and started to pull at him. he looked at me laughing and i just sat on the play stool smiling back at him. 

"Sit with us Hawwy!" They whined in a cute voice and he sat in between them both 

"You want me to sit here?" Harry asked and they nodded giggling a little bit. They grabbed a tiara and Placed it wonky into Harry's curls. 

"Hawwy's a princess." They screamed and pulled me over to him. i was stood in front of Harry, The girls were sat down. 

"Where's Amber going to sit?" Harry said and they giggled

"On you, silly!" They giggled again so i sat on him straddling him. He rested my forehead on his and the girls cringed a bit. 

"Kiss, Kiss, Kiss!" They squealed it was like being in primary school all over, but of course i didn't mind i was kissing My amazing Boyfriend! I placed my lips on his giving him a quick kiss but he wanted more and turned it into a deeper kiss! 

"ewwwww!!!" Was all the girls squealed as we laughed. 

"I love you Amber!" He whispered into my ear loud enough for the girls to hear. 

"I love you to Hazza!" I said and kissed his lips quickly. 

"AND WE LOVE YOU BOTH AMBER AND HARRY!!!!" The girls cried and launched themself's onto me and Harry as we tackled them down! 

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