Me and Emily will write short and long imagines for you, want one comment your name, one of the boys, your hair and eye colour, and your age!:)


15. good night texts! -preferences- All boys~Emily


I don't want to fall asleep without you falling asleep next to me because your my world babe and you complete me and all i wanna do is be with you baby, I love you so much! You are perfection and you deserve the best that's why i'm going to give it to you babe! Sweet dreams and goodnight! Love you loads <3 your perfect to me! Oh when you wake up i will treat you to some cupcake! (if you get where im coming from,!) xxx




You are the best girl i could ever of asked for! I love you more then my Nandos so that's alot! I want to thank you for always making me laugh, making me smile, for letting me treat you like the princess you are! Thanks for always having my back and putting up with Twitter fans! They're mean! :( Your not only my girlfriend but my best friend and i may not be perfect but i sure as hell am gunna try! Night princess xxx <3




Your asleep i know! I can tell cause you wont answer your god damn phone but that might be me being to sassy but anyway! I know you think i act childish but i don't i just don't want to grow up because im afraid of loosing you! I want to be with you forever And always I want to marry you, i want to be a father to your children and i want to be the best bloody boyfriend i can be! Night don't have to much fun in your dreams without me xxx




Good night sweetie, I Hope you know how much you mean to me, because i love you so much and i hope we last to infinity and beyond cause you are the best girl ever so beautiful, perfection in my eyes! I hope you have sweet dreams and wake up with a smile after reading this because I love you! Night Night! xxx




Sweetie I'm sorry about our little fight earlier, I know i get alot of tattoos! But you will like my new one! It's specially for you! You do know i love you and everything i said earlier i never ment please forgive me i love you to much to let you go! I love the laughs and smiles we shared together, The good times and memories we created together, The stupid pictures and silly thing we did! I miss you Goodnight babe have fun in the land of dreams! xxx

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