Me and Emily will write short and long imagines for you, want one comment your name, one of the boys, your hair and eye colour, and your age!:)


16. funny/dirty-ish Niall imagine~Emily


You and Niall had been together for about six months now and last night you had a bit of a FUN night!!! Lots of moans and groans! Niall was your first and you liked it that way! Niall and you walked downstairs to join the others as if nothing had happened when you hear Louis and Harry start to talk. 

Louis: OH, Niall faster, uhhh Niall!" Louis moaned in a girly voice while laughing 

Harry: Ohhhh (Y/N) more, uhhh that's it, faster, Grind your hips baby! uggh! Harry moaned imitating Niall

You and Niall turned red and you hid in Niall's chest as he just laughed at the boys, He sat down and you sat on his Lap, still hidding from the embarrassing boys you and Niall called friends! 

"Don't worry (Y/N) there's a first time for everything!" Zayn said and you just hit him on the shoulder making him laugh. 

"Awww is (Y/N) embarrassed" Harry and louis cooed and you just looked at Niall with pleading eyes

"you should be jealous mate, this girl has moves!!!" You laughed at Niall as he pushed you off his lap whispering into your ear

"Go grind on them or dance make them get one and then just sit back down!" Niall whispers to you and you stand up strutting to Harry and Louis. You started to grind up and down harry moving onto Louis back and forth on them both as they turned red and started to move a bit. 

"Maybe i could show you a few moves boys!" you seductively say running your hands over there chests.  You moved to the side and They now both had a VERY visible bulge showing through there tight chinos! They both looked at you and You did the wanker sign to them winking before sitting next to Niall and he burst out into one of his amazing laughs you loved, he ended up laughing so much that tears were forming on his eye's! 

"You fucked them right up (Y/N)" Niall says as he wipes stopped laughing and you nodded 

"I know, I thought i could only do that to you!" You say and he just blushes at you making you giggle a bit! He leaned over pulling you onto him so that you were stradling him as he sat on the chair and he started to kiss on your jaw line before and explosion hit your lips and you had a quick heated make out session! 

"See boys i'm so lucky, I have this girl all to my self and i repeat MYSELF! All the shows and sex and kisses and hugs i want whenever i want!" Niall boasted showing that he had what they could only wish for! 

"I love you so much Niall!" You say pecking his lips

"I love you too (Y/N)" Niall explains pecking your lips as well!

Harry and Louis looked at each other as they calmed them self down and sat at the table proceeding to eat there breakfast!

"How about round 2?" Niall asked grabbing your hand, you nodded and followed behing him! 

"URGGGG WE HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT ALL OVER AGAIN AND PROBABLY WORSE!" Was all you could hear from the other boys as you trailed behind love struck as to how Amazing, and hot and loved up Niall was! 

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