On A Mission

Joséphine Gauthier, 17 years old has a french dad and a brittish mother. But her mother is not really the normal-housewife-mother, not at all. Since the age of 3, Joséphine has received the best practice she could ever have, so that one day, she could do the same job as her mother. I think you got it by now, she is kind of a spy. When you learn that you have a mortal malady, and that you have no choice but to accept all the missions you're offered, the last thing you want to do is to fall in love and get attached.


9. Who is Sam?

I had packed my suitcase with everything I needed, which meant clothes for at least two weeks, underwear, guns, shoes (black timberland boots, snow boots, and sandals - I had my favorite converses on already), toothbrush and some other cosmetics (no make up, I hated it). I was scrolling through my news-feed on twitter (nothing interesting really), when I remembered I had to text Gwen (my mom's boss) to tell her I had accepted the mission, and Harry, to tell him I was ready.

After I had checked I had done everything I had to do, I got reaaally bored and started to watch the French TV, to train my french. Wich had gotten quite bad since I always speaked English with my dad, and now that he's gone....

Anyway, French TV is almost as boring as English TV, so I continued scrolling through other's lives on twitter. "Life is what happens while you're reading about other's on your phone" they say. True. At some point I tripped over a picture. Of me. And Harry. On twitter.

"@halliestyles3030: OMG who is this slut????? Seriously she's not even pretty. Crying to get @harry_styles attention? so pathetic --'" 

And then the picture of Harry carrying me from the hospital into the car. 2031 retweets. 5067 favorites. Great. Just great. I hadn't even realized I was crying!

My thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell ringing. I opened the door and saw Harry, of course, in all his glory. Oh gosh, stop it, Jo, it's just the sun shining behind his head. Nothing special. But, still....

"Hey, Jo!"he cheered.

"hey" I said quietly.

"Is everything okay?"

"Everything's fine." I said with a weak smile. He looked at me as if he didn't believe me, but he just came in, and took my suitcase.

"Damn, this is really heavy! What did you put in it?!"

"Oh you know, one or two SIG-sauers and shotguns" I said as it was nothing, then walked past him and went outside towards his car. I knew his eyes were still round as table-tennis balls.

He managed to put the suitcase into his Range-Rover after at least 15 minutes. He then opened the car and started driving.

"Why do you have to carry so much guns?"

"You want me to kill your black-mailer or not?"

"First, I want you to tell me why you were so sad before". 


I could see she hesitated for a moment. Did she still not trust me? I had only known her yesterday, but I felt like I could tell her anything. She finally took out her phone to show me, but as she unlocked it, she broke down on the inside. You see, her body acted like everything was fine. But her face, it was so much emotions in the same time. As I tried to keep my eyes on the road, I could spot fear, nervousness, sadness, fragility, confusion, disappointment and something I couldn't pick up. It must be madness. Or anger. But something wasn't right. Any fool could see that. Anyone could see it wasn't because the tweet she showed me after. I saw the name on her phone before she could put it away: Sam.






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