On A Mission

Joséphine Gauthier, 17 years old has a french dad and a brittish mother. But her mother is not really the normal-housewife-mother, not at all. Since the age of 3, Joséphine has received the best practice she could ever have, so that one day, she could do the same job as her mother. I think you got it by now, she is kind of a spy. When you learn that you have a mortal malady, and that you have no choice but to accept all the missions you're offered, the last thing you want to do is to fall in love and get attached.


4. a lost friend and a gained friend.

"Can I ask you something?"


"Why do you want me as a bodyguard? I'm actually meant to be a spy."

"Well, first of all, we've been told you're the best spy here. Second of all, you're the hottest."


My eyes went round like don't even know what. 

OK,  I might not be the kind of girl that follows the trends, but I listen to music. And, unfortunately also to all those girls that talk about One Direction all day. Now I was going to be their freaking bodyguard. Great. 

He gave me a meaning look. Oh, right, my name. I somehow managed to say something that gave sense. "I'm Joséphine, but you can call me Jo, as everybody does." And by that I meant my parents. No one ever talks to me, remember?

"That's a nice name." he said, with a hint of agitation in his voice.

"Thanks" A moment passed, without us saying anything. "can I ask you something?" I said.


"Why do you want me as a bodyguard? I'm actually meant to be a spy."

"Well, first of all, we've been told you're the best spy here. Second of all, you're the hottest. And-" he began.

"Wait, hold on, hold on. What does this have to do with the mission I'm offered?" I said confused and a little angry.

"Well... You know... You're supposed ti be like... My girlfriend..."


"Only because the black-mailer can't know you're our bodyguard! It won't go further than that!"

"Then just tell me why the black-mailer can't know. Go on!

"Because then he won't think we're protected. He'll come without knowing how good you are, and you'll arrest him!"

"I'm not a cop. Plus, you don't know if I'm good or not." I mumbled while getting up.

"Just think about it!" I heard him shout after me.

Sure. This was only getting worse.But did I have a choice? No. Unfortunately. And no matter how hard I tried to push it aside, I couldn't deny that the idea of being seen with Harry Styles wasn't unpleasant.  Aw, shoot. Not now, Jo. Training. Focus on the training.

I slowly walked back into the gymnasium. All eyes were on me. Oh, of course. Crying, red eyes... Ya know. People were used to see me train like a navy-soldier, and then leave like I only had swept the floor.

I looked around the big room, searching for something I hadn't done this week. Gymnastics? Nah, I had done enough on Monday. Parkour? Nope, done this Thursday.  Shooting? Definitely! I walked over to the "shelves" where they kept the guns. I went for a classic SIG pro semi-automatic pistol, and went to a shooting booth. I was used to this, I had done it for so long. I shot six times, alternating between the head and the heart on the human-shaped target.

When i stopped to put more bullets in the gun, I felt a pat on my shoulder. I slowly turned and saw a really pretty girl, with long, black, wavy hair, green eyes, pale skin and pink lips. I wouldn't be surprised if she introduced herself as Snow-White.

"Hey, I'm Molly!" She said happily, as she held out her hand, wanting me to shake it.

"Um.. I'm Jo!" I said and shook her hand. I'm really not used to talk to someone in a friendly way!

"I just saw you shooting, and I was really amazed! How can you do it so well?"

"Um... Lot of training I guess..."

"Anyway, I can also see you've been crying. Wanna talk about it?"

I thought for a second. Did I really want to talk about my life and my problems to a complete stranger?


This girl seemed really kind, she was only a little shy. When I noticed she had been crying, I knew she would feel better if she told me. When I asked her she hesitated a little bit, but she ended up agreeing. We went to sit down on a bench somewhere in a corner.

When she began to talk about her whole life, that's when I knew I had heard about her. Sam had talked about her.

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