She Will Be Loved.

(Sequel to 'The Girl Wearing Vans.'

What if someone you never met, someone you never saw, someone you never knew, was the one for you?

They were in love, but when the past reappears and drives Kitty and Harry further away, there will be consequences. Consequences like never before. When Harry jumped, he was badly injured. But can they fix the crack in his heart?

I don't mind spending everyday, out on your corner in the pouring rain. Look for the girl with the broken smile, ask her if she wants to stay a while. And she will be Loved.


2. Remembering You (Steven Curtis)

6 months later…


Louis’ P.O.V


Dear Harry,


Kitty left a few days ago but her parents found out what really was the cause of the accident. They took her away, Haz, made her move to another part of the country so that you two couldn’t stay in touch. They said you were a bad influence, but well all knew what really happened that night, they just wouldn’t believe us. It’s nearly been half a year now Harry… We haven’t performed in ages and-




My scribbled hand writing ceased when I heard a frantic shout from down the hall. I jumped to my feet, the crisp white paper swirling to the floor. My legs were moving faster than I even thought possible as I slid to a stop outside the door of Harry’s private room. I twisted the handled, barging in, not caring about how much noise I was making.


There Harry lay, in the exactly same position as the months before. I let out a heavy sigh; I thought there might have been a difference. I wonder what all of the commotion before was about. Then I noticed it, the difference. A tiny sign of hope. His eyes were open, they were sparkling like never before, like it was a new beginning.


A groan formed from his parted lips as he tried to sit up. “Crap” he muttered, running a limp hand through his dishevelled curls, I looked at him expectantly. I slid into the chair aside his bed, my legs shaking in anxiousness. Please be ok. Please. Harry sat up again, looking straight at me, “Lou?” He questioned and I nodded, glad he could remember after the doctors had a theory that he wouldn’t. “Why am I here?” He asked and my gaze flew up from the floor. Maybe he couldn’t remember. So, I explained the whole story, the tragic events of that night.


An hour later, Harry was looking more confused than ever. He couldn’t remember a thing.


He Couldn’t Remember Kitty.



So, I decided to name every chapter after a song that is relevant to the chapter!! You can find them on youtube.. This chapter is a song inspired by 'The Chronicles Of Narnia' but it is such a great song!! Anyway, feedback is welcome!!

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