She Will Be Loved.

(Sequel to 'The Girl Wearing Vans.'

What if someone you never met, someone you never saw, someone you never knew, was the one for you?

They were in love, but when the past reappears and drives Kitty and Harry further away, there will be consequences. Consequences like never before. When Harry jumped, he was badly injured. But can they fix the crack in his heart?

I don't mind spending everyday, out on your corner in the pouring rain. Look for the girl with the broken smile, ask her if she wants to stay a while. And she will be Loved.


1. I Won't Let Go. (James Morrison)

I grasped Harry’s warm hand in my own, “I still love you” I whispered and looked up to see his reaction, an emerald sparkle glistened in his eyes. He looked at me from under drooped eyelids, leaning in and grazing his warm lips against mine. A weak smile played on his lips and he looked down, knowing our ever-looming fate.


The ice cold water engulfed my whole body, but I wouldn’t let go of him. I screamed, the rivers murky water entering my throat and filling my lungs and Harry’s body had slumped against me, unconscious, our fingers still entwined. I thrashed my arms about my weakening body, trying to get a better grip on him. I wouldn’t let go, I couldn’t let go. But he was snatched from me, the whirlwind current grasping his waist and dragging him away. He was taken and I was alone.


Darkness. That was all.


“Breaking news: The 19 year old teenage heart-throb and member of boy-band One Direction, Harry Styles, has been found unconscious and extremely close to death on the bank of the river Thames. He was immediately escorted to hospital and is now on life support and in a very critical condition. The singer has also broken nearly half of the bones in his body and is thought to have experienced several heart failures in the past few hours. Harry, a ladies man, is in a coma and the doctors are not sure that he is going to make it through the life threatening state. The police are worried after a girl, who looks about the same age as Styles, and thought to be his girlfriend, was found about half a mile away from the other. Coincidence? We don’t thing so.’


Louis’ P.O.V


I was awoken at 3am this morning, by the police, informing me that Harry had been found, close to death on the bank of the river Thames. I was so scared. I had jumped out of bed, pulling on a pair of sweats and by coincidence, one of Harry’s shirts. That just made the tears fall faster. I picked up my phone on the counter, instantly dialling Liam, knowing he would be the responsible adult in this situation. One ring. Nothing. Two rings. Still nothing. Three rings… “Hi Lou” Liam’s groggy morning voice spoke through the receiver, he obviously heard my sobs, “What’s up?” I calmed down a little bit, but only enough to tell him what was wrong.


“It’s Harry, he’s been found, nearly dead, by the river. Him and Kitty. He’s in a critical state, he might not make it through”


I was beginning to choke back the sobs that were causing lumps to form in my throat. “Oh god, mate. I’m on my way round, I’ll wake the boys.” And with that he hung up on me. I ran to the door when I heard a knock there a few minutes later, I slipped my navy TOMS onto my feet and ran out of the door. Niall was driving, and we were at the hospital in no time.


Feet squeaking on the white, polished floor. Breath heavy. Legs tired from running. Seconds felt like hours. Hours could cost a life. Lives were on the line.


I followed a doctor into a secluded room on the third floor. The boys were in after me and I tell you, we were not prepared for the sight we saw.


Our best friend. Hooked up to so many machines that there weren’t enough fingers for me to count them on. A slow beep sounded every so often, showing that he was only just alive. But the thing that haunted me most was the enormous machine that was the only thing keeping him alive. His normally curly brown hair plastered to his skull, matted with blood.  His eyelids tightly closed and his skin an unearthly shade of pale. Mud, cuts, bruises all patterned his skin, almost so much that it was hard to look at. The room was filled with so many tears that you didn’t know which were your own. Harry’s mother, his sister; Gemma and his step-dad looked frightened. Frightened for the life of someone who was closest to us.


“An update on that earlier news story: The two injured found near the Thames this morning have been named as Harry Styles and the other as Kitty Lambert. The two, both in their late teens, were thought to be in a relationship and were no stranger to the public eye. After their split a few weeks ago, Styles was looking depressed, bags under his eyes, hair and clothes a mess; like he couldn’t take it. A phone was found near the scene with the message, *If the only way to be with you is in my dreams, then I want to sleep forever.* The sender was under the contacts as Harry, so the police are thinking, was this an attempted suicide?”


24th of February

It’s hard you know, seeing someone you care about in a state like that. Your mom is always weeping, grasping your hand, trying to comfort you. When all we could see was pain. We miss you, you know, you were always so happy, so carefree. The fans are worried Haz, they are always hurting for you. Everyone who has known you, or knows you are praying. Praying for you. Praying for happiness. I saw Kitty for you today. She came out better than you, but she has really bad nightmares and doesn’t like being in a hospital.


Hospitals are a place of pain if you think about. There always going to be a tear waiting to be shed, another death to witness, but we know you Harry. We know you can make it through this. Stay Strong.



Louis and the Lads.

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