She Will Be Loved.

(Sequel to 'The Girl Wearing Vans.'

What if someone you never met, someone you never saw, someone you never knew, was the one for you?

They were in love, but when the past reappears and drives Kitty and Harry further away, there will be consequences. Consequences like never before. When Harry jumped, he was badly injured. But can they fix the crack in his heart?

I don't mind spending everyday, out on your corner in the pouring rain. Look for the girl with the broken smile, ask her if she wants to stay a while. And she will be Loved.


5. Call Your Girlfriend (Robyn/Lennon and Maisy cover)

Chapter 5


Kitty’s P.O.V


To be honest, I’m really scared for Harry. He is going against the doctor’s advice, but no one will be able to persuade him otherwise, he’s so stubborn. “Oh, Anne, I would love to.” I nodded, tears lightly falling. “But there is quite a big problem.”


“He can’t remember you.”


Harry’s P.O.V


Two weeks later…


Finally, I’m glad to be out of that god damn hospital.

I quickly changed out of the hospital clothes and into some of my own that my mum had dropped off, before she left, I wondered where she went. I pulled a pair of dark black skinny jeans up my legs, slinging them low on my hips and pulling a plain white t-shirt over my head. I saw a plain silver chain next to a pair of converse, a silver paper air plane hanging off it. I linked the cold metal around my neck, I guess it was special to me, I had seen it here since the day I woke; I bet it was here the whole time.


“Harry, you coming?” Liam yelled, and I grabbed my phone, running out of the room. “I’m here, let’s go, guys!” I said, jumping with literal joy.




Back at my apartment, I went straight into my room, trying to find some more pictures of the mystery girl. I think her name was Kitty, or something. I pulled my black iPhone out of my pocket, unlocking it and looking through the photos.

            There she was, the girl. The one from the flash-back thing. The same blue eyes, sparkling, even in a picture.


“HARRY!” The voice yelled, and I turned to face the direction it was coming from. “Kitty?” I asked, almost silently. “Kitty!” My voice got louder the closer she got to me, her running as fast as she could. “Kitty!” I turned my whole body to face her. Then, I felt myself falling.

           I grasped her hand as she jumped. “I still love you.”


Crap. My whole body shook as it collapsed beneath me, my head smashing off the floor. A groan escaped my lips as I curled up on the floor, my body still shaking. “HARRY!” One of the boys shouted, but I couldn’t distinguish their voice. They all came rushing, seeing me lying on the floor, tears streaming down my cheeks and my whole body shook. “Are you ok, mate?” The blurry figure of Louis standing over me, I slightly shook my head in a no, not being able to talk.  “Do you think you can stand, Haz?” He asked and I pushed all of my weight onto my hands.

Niall’s P.O.V


“Hey!” I said, pulling open the front door to my apartment. I was here alone as everyone else had gone to check on Harry, so I had invited Kitty’s friend; Molly, around. “Hey” she said back, twisting a lock of her perfect blackish-brown hair around her fingers. “Come in.” I spoke, grasping her hand in mine. I could feel the sparks when we touched, as we walked into the living room, she looked down at the navy blue TOMS that covered her feet.

                “I was just going to watch a movie, what about Paranormal activity?” She nodded as I pulled her to the sofa, sitting her down next to me. “How you doing, Niall?” She asked, “Good, thanks. What about you?” “I’m good!” “Good, do you want some popcorn?” “Yeah!”


Molly cowered into me, fisting my t-shirt beneath her hands, as a scary part graced the screen. Her head lay on my chest as I held her close, my hand grasping hers. As I moved my hands to her waist, her eyes looked up to lock with mine. Our faces moved closer, my lips closer and closer to hers.

           My hand cupped her cheek, her hands lacing behind my neck. Our lips moved in synchronisation, sparks igniting. RING! RING! I sighed as my phone rang and I pulled away, still holding Molly close. I looked at the contact information, thanks a bunch Liam! “What’s up, Li?” “Well, Harry’s collapsed again. We need some help.” “Ok, I’ll be there” “See ya, mate!” “Bye.”




Sorry its been ages guys!!! I have had bad writers block overall and hope you like this chapter.... This story is also going on hiatus for a while as I have got caught up with school and are struggling to find time to write anymore! Any queries or just want a follow back on twitter just tweet me. xxx Much Love!!!  

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