Another Me

Ever wondered what it was like to be two different people? Well I know all about how it feels. Half of me is a shy, unsure girl, while the other half is bold and has to be in control of everything. Here's the problem, the bad me is coming out and there is no way of getting it gone. Is there?

"‘I’m so sorry,’ I say as I walk into someone, ‘are you alright?’ He lets me see a peek of a gun, ‘Just follow me,’ he smirks, ‘and everything will be okay.’ I’m scared of what will happen if I don’t. So I follow, slowly at first. Until he turns and glares making me follow faster into a dark alley way. Now I feel safer, like if I clapped my hands he would fall to his knees, begging me to forgive him. Forgive him for threatening me."


3. Seventeen

‘A whole seventeen weapons you tried to hide from me. Seventeen times I will do something to her and you will be able to do nothing but watch,’ he says in a way which sounds like he’s not going to do something to hurt me. Michael doesn’t see it that way, he tilts his head up, ‘Hurt me instead.’ Gab and I just start laughing, ‘I never actually said I would hurt her, the first time I left it to your imagination, the second I said something.’


With that he kisses me seventeen times and then Michael understands. ‘Yes we were kissing the first time,’ I turn to Gab, ‘he can be silly sometimes.’ He tickles my chin, ‘I will put with him only if you want me to,’ he says with a look in his eyes that say he will do anything just because I tell him to. Michael taps his foot impatiently, ‘I can make him learn to be patient as well, I can make him worship you.’


‘I’m sorry to interrupt this…friendly session but what is it doing here?’ he emphasises on the word it. Then for some reason he falls to his knees screaming out in pain. I turn to Gab, ‘Stop,’ I look into his eyes, they want Michael to suffer, ‘When he has learnt his lesson.’ I don’t know what came over me. Though I do know that whatever it was hurt Michael, on the inside at least.


 I hear him scream in pain again. It hurts me, but it would hurt me even more if Gabz was sad. I don’t know what to do. Michael has been my “friend” for like for ever. Gabz I have only just met today but I feel like we share a soul. Or at least he has stolen a part of mine. Yet I don’t want him to give it me back. ‘Yooour nnnnot,’ he screams piecing though the silence.  ‘I’m not what?’ Gabz replies before hurting Michael again. I find this encounter most enjoyable. ‘Yyyour nnnot aaa ittt!’ Michael mutters. No matter how hard I try I find myself smirking at his suffering. ‘That’s better. I’m your Master, you will not be mean to me unless you want pain,’ Gabz tells him.


‘Maria,’ he croaks looking at Gabz for permission to rise, ‘tell him to go and he will listen to you.’ I call Gabriel over with my hand; the same sort of way a person might call over a dog, ‘What makes you think I want him to go? I like having a loyal dog to call on whenever I want.’ Gabz doesn’t mind me calling him that but if it had been Michael. Well let’s just say I’m glad it wasn’t. If it was I would have turned away but not looking wouldn’t have stopped the screams. From seeing him after Gabz has finished.


‘I know you like him but he scares me,’ a now trembling Michael says. Slowly Gabz walks over to him, he bends his hand in a way which you could say looks like someone bowing. As he does this Michael gasps in shock as his body bends to the same shape. ‘Next time you say something like that I expect my name to be Master,’ he tightens his hand into a fist and Michael finds it hard to breathe, ‘so what should you have said instead of what you did?’ Breathing deeply he croaks, ‘I know you like my Master,’ he begins to say before panting heavily, ‘but my Master scares me.’


Thankfully Gabz relaxes his hand again. ‘That’s a lot better.’ I say. I try to stop myself from laughing at his pain. Just yesterday if Michael wanted me in bed he would get it. Years of my life I had lived as him the Master and me the slave.  Sure I hope Gabz doesn’t find out. I bet that’s what he came for some fun with me. Gabz stopped him. I feel like I have to him, that Gabz has to know why Michael came.


‘Tell him, Michael, tell him. Tell him why you came.’ I order. Michael replies though his gritted teeth, ‘Nooo!’ Making Gabz laugh harshly and Michael screams out as a spasm of pain rockets though his body. ‘No?’ Gabz asks, ‘No?’ Michael screams again at yet another pain spasm. ‘Please stop it, please,’ Michael croaks, ‘I’ll tell you.’ He screams again. Snarling Gabz says, ‘I think you may have forgotten my name, again.’ Trembling Michael tries to stand up but his legs are far too weak.


I smile, ‘Gabz knows you will, and it’s just a matter of if you will tell him straight away, if he believes you or if you won’t say until it is tortured out of you.’ This is fun. Having all the power. Being in control of how this will end. How I could make the rest of Michael’s sorry life a misery. Michael knows that I can, but he also thinks he knows that I won’t do it. How wrong should I prove him to be? I nod my head and Michael suffers another spasm of pain.


Unable to take it any long, ‘I came to rape her,’ Michael screams out. Gabz begins to walk over to him. Michael is crying now, in fear or guilt, ‘I came to rape her, Master.’ This just makes Gabz angry, ‘You came here to force her into something you wanted her to do? You came here to force a Lady on you?’ He grabs Michael’s jaw, calling me over, ‘You are going to say sorry and you’re going to mean it.’ Giving Michael my hand, he kisses it weakly whilst trembling. ‘Years ago you would have been whipped for sneaking a kiss without the lucky Lady’s fathers’ agreement. Yet here you are enjoying her body without even her agreement.’


Michael is scared, ‘I’m sorry Lady Maria. I should not have done it. I should have controlled my need mores around you. Please forgive me. I don’t want to die. Please Lady Maria, don’t let him kill me.’ Gabz let’s go of his jaw and slowly claps his hands before turning to me. ‘You said they used to be whipped, so whip him to an inch of life. Then we will see how truly sorry he really is. Once he is an inch from death he will repeat how sorry he is, do you agree Gabz?’ I ask. 


From Somewhere Gabz pulls out a Bull whip, ‘I shall find it most enjoyable whilst it will also serve me as a reminder not to get on your bad side.’ For that I take it out of his hands and bring it down seventeen times on his back. Gabz becomes a sobering wreak on the floor. It takes him several minutes to recompose himself. Making Michael light out loud, though that’s not what I intended. 


Now banishing the whip I walk over to him. Suddenly the laughing stops, ‘Please…’ Crack! I bring it down on his back. The next crack covers the sound of his scream. I slow down once he is no longer screaming. Calling Gabz over, making him crawl before kissing my feet, ‘Check he’s alive.’ I order and only when he looks back to me; to tell me he is: do I notice that his eyes are wide open in fear.


 Oh God! Poor Gabz, I want to say but I feel like I can’t in front of Michael.  I love Gabz and I want him to love me to. Not because he fears what will happen if he doesn’t, but because he want to. Seeing Michael stir, I turn to face him properly.  Black and blue, there are no other words for it. Wrapping the whip around my wrist Gabz asks Michael how sorry he truly is.


‘Many grateful thanks to you would not be enough to express how delighted I am that you did not kill me. Furthermore I really am truly sorry, Lady Maria for what I have done to you. I should have been able to control my urges. Please, please forgive me. My master can be your husband. Please just let me live. I will pledge myself in both yours and my master’s service. If that is what it takes for the return of my life.’ Michael tells me. Sighing I unwrap the whip. 


After bringing it down on his back ten more times, he is still consensus. Luckily for me he is finally grovelling on the floor. Feeling a gentle touch on my feet; I look down and see Gabz kissing them. Unable to take it any long. I join him. Unlike the slap he expects to get, all I do is press my body to his saying, ‘Oh God! I’m so sorry. I didn’t plan on hurting you. I was angry, but that isn’t a good enough reason.’


For a while we just sit there. Breathing his scent. Of course I want to do more but I need to build up his trust in me again. Fortunately I can also feel Gabz holding back, like he wants more as well, ‘Put it aaaway, please,’ Mike shockingly shouts. Spiders, I almost forgot about his fear of them. Sneaking I pick it up and Mike’s body relaxes noticeable. Not fair, he should suffer more.


So I drop the spider down his pants. Watching again the changes in his body, they are somewhat drastic. He begins to shake uncontrollably. Screaming Mike shouts, ‘Get it out! I’ll do anything. Be anything. Just get it out. Please!’

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