Another Me

Ever wondered what it was like to be two different people? Well I know all about how it feels. Half of me is a shy, unsure girl, while the other half is bold and has to be in control of everything. Here's the problem, the bad me is coming out and there is no way of getting it gone. Is there?

"‘I’m so sorry,’ I say as I walk into someone, ‘are you alright?’ He lets me see a peek of a gun, ‘Just follow me,’ he smirks, ‘and everything will be okay.’ I’m scared of what will happen if I don’t. So I follow, slowly at first. Until he turns and glares making me follow faster into a dark alley way. Now I feel safer, like if I clapped my hands he would fall to his knees, begging me to forgive him. Forgive him for threatening me."


5. Grrrrrrr

I had most of the next to chapters written on word but they got deleted now i have to write them all again, sorry

dont forget to pick a name for her

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