Another Me

Ever wondered what it was like to be two different people? Well I know all about how it feels. Half of me is a shy, unsure girl, while the other half is bold and has to be in control of everything. Here's the problem, the bad me is coming out and there is no way of getting it gone. Is there?

"‘I’m so sorry,’ I say as I walk into someone, ‘are you alright?’ He lets me see a peek of a gun, ‘Just follow me,’ he smirks, ‘and everything will be okay.’ I’m scared of what will happen if I don’t. So I follow, slowly at first. Until he turns and glares making me follow faster into a dark alley way. Now I feel safer, like if I clapped my hands he would fall to his knees, begging me to forgive him. Forgive him for threatening me."


2. Easy Way - Gabriel

She is so scary. Will she believe me? That, I am an Angel. That I am her Angel. I’m scared of her, yet before she was scared of me. Was she acting then or is she acting now. I make my eyes widen in fear as she starts eating a poker. Trying hard I make a fake laugh to make her think I’m not too scared.


Even though I am. At first I was just pretending, but now.. I’m not sure. What’s wrong with me, I’m an Angel, she’s only a human? ‘Easy way, the easy way,’ I say as she starts to bring the heated poker towards me, ‘the easy way, please…’ I’m trembling like mad, even though I know I can just heal myself easily.


What has she done to me? She must be magic or at least all powerful I feel like this body isn’t my own. That she is the one controlling it. Never before have had I felt so weak. ‘What do you want with me? ‘I stammer. God please help me. Make her believe. Make me whole again.


 She strides across the room wielding the hot poker. Hearing the chains shake I notice how badly I’m shaking, ‘Who are you? And, ‘she smiles sweetly, ‘what did you want with me,’ she says before kissing my nose and stroking my cheek. Her lips feel so soft, so warm, and so gentle. Oh GoD, I want to kiss her, to feel her in my arms.


‘Sorry,’ I scream as GoD sends a shock of pain though my body for miss-using his name. Whispering down my ear she says, ‘I haven’t even touched you yet.’ Phew, I’m glad that she thinks that and that she doesn’t know what I’m thinking. ‘You’re so beautiful,’ I tell her. Gosh! I can’t believe I just said that out loud. Hot! It burns. Why is she pressing the poker into because I said the truth, that she was beautiful?


Finally the pain disappears as she removes the poker, ‘You may answer my question but no amount of flirting is going to stop the pain.’ I nod in understanding. Now I understood why she used the poker. Trying to change her mind was what she thought I was doing. But it was a fact that I hadn’t even meant to say. ‘It was a fact…’ I find myself saying then without warning my cheek starts to burn where she slapped me.


‘I’m sure you picked the easy way. Or do I have to change it to the hard way? I warn you again.’ Oh my! She is so fiery sexy when she’s angry. I can’t believe I just thought that. She’s just a human, she’s nothing compared to the likes of me. Compared to an Angel. Sh1t, I think as she slowly presses the poker into my thigh again. ‘Stop please. I’ll do anything please. Make the pain stop and I’ll’ gulp ‘I’ll even worship you’


Cold-hearty she laughs, ‘anything,’ she says while stroking my cheek again, ‘anything?’ somehow I find myself nodding. ‘Who are you then?’ she asks. I find myself wanting to tell her anything, to tell her everything. ‘I am Gabriel. I am your Angel,’ I wait for the blow, for her to say she doesn’t believe me.


‘Oh my God,’ then she gasps,’ I knew it.’ What? How could she know something like that. Carefully she undoes the chains leaving my arms and legs free. I grab her, ‘I love you,’ I say softly before bringing her closer then I have to kiss her, fell her lips on mine.  I kiss her, before I pull away. I gasp, ‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.’ Shutting me up she finds easy. All she does is just kiss me and I’m out of it. I am hers.


Thinking about It I realise that could be just what she wants but right now I don’t care. Right now I don’t care about anything at all. Well nothing but her lips, my body against hers. Am I doing it right? I’ve never loved a human before so I don’t know. I could be or I could be doing it so, so wrong.


Some reason I hope I am doing it right. I just want to impress her. I want her to feel like I am worthy. Like just because I’m an Angel doesn’t mean I’m perfect, doesn’t mean that I am right for her. Need is something I feel right now. The need of her to be wrapped up by my wings and my arms. The need for her to love me.


There I said it, I think to myself. Another part of me disagrees; it says she didn’t hear me so therefore I didn’t say it. But I don’t know how to tell her. I’ve never been so confused before. Then again I’ve never felt this alive before have I. When I’m with her I feel… I feel like I have a reason for living.


Stories I have heard, where the lion falls for the lamb. Never had I thought that it might be real. That the lion did actually fall. Now I have Now I know why. It’s too hard to explain though. Too hard to write down on paper. Too hard to say it. Yet here I am feeling it alright. I can’t tell her how it feels, no matter how much I want to, now matter how hard I try. I can’t write down how it feels either. You can only find out if you fall from your grace for the sake of someone or something you want but can’t have.


There is a knock on the door. Then a tall dark and I suppose you could say, mysterious man walks in. He does it in a way which shows that he doesn’t have a care in the world. Suddenly he sees my arms wrapped around her. Nooo, he thinks I would hurt her, he thinks that I am hurting her. ‘I don’t mean it,’ I whisper down her ear, ‘Now Mr, If I was you I would do what ever I asked so that I don’t hurt this soft delicate toy.’


‘You wouldn’t dare,’ he says but I can see him shaking now. I change the soft stroking of her cheek into a slap across the face, ‘And why,’ I snarl, ‘Would you think that?’ Carefully I notice the changes in how he looks now I have done that. ‘What do you want me to do?’ he mummers weakly.  I nearly laugh out loud at how weak he is, then I remember he’s only human, ‘Throw all your weapons to the side, make sure it’s all of them, As for every weapon left on you she will be …hmm… after that drop on your knees with your head bowed and stay perfectly still.


Once he had stop moving I find seventeen more weapons.

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