Help Me If You Can

Lilly Green is pretty much a normal girl, does normal things like normal stuff, but gets tortured by her family and bullied at school.

Harry Styles is a lovely but kind off guy he is in the biggest boy band on the planet but when he gets a message of a girl asking for help what will he do? help her? or stay safe and carry on living his dream.....


5. Chapter 5 (strong language)

Lilly's POV


'-So Jimmy you don't have a mum..'' I said, he probably thought I was mean asking him that, but he didn't know that I go through the same thing.

''Err..Yeah'' Jimmy asked looking at my coldly, ''Yeah..I don't have a dad he left me when I was 10, and I'm pretty sure he's dead, but he wasn't nice''

''Yeah..'' I looked up at him, he looked sad, then I looked around the room, there wasn't much there just a sofa and a table and a couple of pictures and a small TV, ''Wondering why there's not much here'' He asked, I didn't know what to say, so I didn't reply ''Well there's nothing here because to my dad there's nothing here, he has no heart..'' Jimmy put his hand to his heart and looked down ''So. he cant be bothered to look after me, he finds a girlfriend and then we move in''


The door boomed open and a familiar looking man walked in the room ''JIMMY!'' He shouted his booming voice blew me away, '' room'' He was shaking I stood up and put my arm on his shoulder ''WHAT ARE YO-'' He glared at me I was terrified, ''Oh..hello..dear, well what a surprise to see you here'' He said, he looked down.

''Jimm..y...'' I whispered to him ''Why is that fucking bitch here'' They both looked at me ''Well, that was rude!'' The man said. Then it went black..all I rembered was a fist....shrieking....him....jimmy..

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