Help Me If You Can

Lilly Green is pretty much a normal girl, does normal things like normal stuff, but gets tortured by her family and bullied at school.

Harry Styles is a lovely but kind off guy he is in the biggest boy band on the planet but when he gets a message of a girl asking for help what will he do? help her? or stay safe and carry on living his dream.....


4. Chapter 4

Lilly's POV


I woken up and got changed out of my superman Pyjamas into my usual  t-shirt, tights and shorts.

I crept into my mum's room and she wasn't there.

Then I went into the kitchen she wasn't there but instead was a note that said she had gone to her boyfriend David's house and that I would have to skip breakfast.


I went into school, and was very surprised to find everyone there, then I checked my watch and it was 8:45 I was early.

''Hey Lilz I was at home last night and heard your name on one directions twit cam it seems that they are following you on there am I right?'' Jimmy asked standing behind me with his usual messy hair and scruffy trousers.

''Ermm..yeah'' I asked not looking him in the eye.

For some reason I am starting to find him nice. No wait Lilly what am I letting my self in for if I ever fell in love with him again.

''So lil are you busy tonight because my dad is going to meet his new girlfriend and I thought because we got assigned to do our history project together this would be the perfect time'' ''History project when did we get told that?'' I asked he scratched the back of his neck then said ''Oh...when you were late for class yesterday'' I nodded then got my books and walked into class. Mr Allen looked at me stunned that I had turned up EARLY for school. ''Morning class, lets do the register, Jimmy?'' '' Here sir'' ''Lilly. Green?'' I was about to say here when I got interrupted again..''Oh she's probal...'' Shannon had tried to say I was in her locker again ''Ermm...Shannon I'm right here, do you need to get your eyes checked you might need glasses''. She looked at me surprised that I actually had the guts to speak to here.


I got into the house and changed clothes.. because if I am going to jimmy who is the most popular boy in school I want to make an effort but I had nothing to wear apart from my guns n roses jumper so I will wear that I thought to myself.

Dinggggggggggggggggg I rang the door bell and jimmy answers just in his boxers.

I giggle to myself in amusement.

''Well that was ...a surprise'' He looks at the floor ''I wasn't expecting company'' He said ''Well you invited me and you seemed happy when you did , I thought it might be the highlight of your day'' I said mockingly ''I have fucking messed this up haven't I ''

He said ''Well its only a history project, any way talking about history where's all your books and clothes.. because I am not going to wait out here talking to someone semi-naked'' We both laughed I don't know why I like him because for the past 5 years he has been a bully but  now he is being nice.

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