Help Me If You Can

Lilly Green is pretty much a normal girl, does normal things like normal stuff, but gets tortured by her family and bullied at school.

Harry Styles is a lovely but kind off guy he is in the biggest boy band on the planet but when he gets a message of a girl asking for help what will he do? help her? or stay safe and carry on living his dream.....


3. Chapter 3

Lilly's POV

I got up and crept into the kitchen to do myself breakfast because mum said if I ever bothered her she would punish me I'm not scared of her but it's when she brings boyfriends home I'm 17 now and have had not a bad life but when dad left  when i was 10 nothing has ever been the same, mum started smoking again and drinking and going out on night and not getting up in the morning; I'm quite happy I don't have any brothers or sisters that I would have too look after because that would be more to deal within my life.


Harry's POV

I got up and got ready to meet Gemma because she wanted to go and see the new Paranormal activity but said she couldn't go by herself but to be honest with you I am probably more scared than her. I decided too look up some of the girls who won the competition yesterday (not including me) I looked through the pictures and finally decided to tweet this Lilly girl ''Hi It's me Hazza you won the contest thought I could have your Skype name or phone number so we could talk?'' I sent it and waited a couple of minutes until she replied and sent me her Skype name but not phone number because she said something about her mum and if she did she would get a....punishment?


Lilly's POV

I got a message of harry and thought holy crap, I am talking to Harry Styles I sent him my Skype name because he asked for it and my phone number but if I gave him my phone number when my mum checked through my messages on Friday and Sunday what would she say?

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