Help Me If You Can

Lilly Green is pretty much a normal girl, does normal things like normal stuff, but gets tortured by her family and bullied at school.

Harry Styles is a lovely but kind off guy he is in the biggest boy band on the planet but when he gets a message of a girl asking for help what will he do? help her? or stay safe and carry on living his dream.....


2. Chapter 2

The door bell rings and I answer it. And standing right in front of me is a tall looking brown haired man. ''Hello Darlin' You must be Lilly is your mother in'' He asks, I nod and he stomps in and barges right past me, Mum stands up and he whispers something into her ear, and leaves.

That was strange.

I go onto twitter and see that One Direction are doing 'twit cam' I switch it on and see Niall and Louis dancing ''Hey Guyzzzzz'' they say ''Now we don't follow many of you at home on twitter so today is your chance you have to send us a pic of you smiling and we will choose the best ten and will post them on here and will follow you!'' I send a pic of my self in........A few tweets later they say they are going to choose there best ten. Meanwhile I send a tweet in ''Where is hazza'' I see it post in with many others saying 'yeah where is he' and 'I love hazza'   ''We have just got a tweet of  'Lilz_Green!' Asking where Harry is and he actually is right here hiding under the bed after watching Paranormal activity ''I'M NOT AFRAID'' I see Harry jump out with a misunderstood look on his face. ''Aren't you going to announce the ten winners then'' Harry says trying to change the subject, ''Yeah,Okay we had thousands of pic's from everywhere around the world and have chosen 10 They are Summer Baker from Londen, Lucy Wood from Texas, Harry Styles from....wait a second HARRY!'' they scream with grins on there faces ''You said people who you dont follow and you don't follow me'' He said mockingly ''Let my carry on and Lilly Green From Birmingham'' OMG did they just say my name my pic will be shown on Twitter OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait but my pic is horrible because I have a realy ugly dress on Oh............WHO CARES THEY CHOSE IT SO ITMUST BE NICE!!!!!

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