Our Story Together~

A One Direction fanfic. Story of a girl named Adriana and one Direction, Zayn Malik. From went your kid's to the adulthood. Adriana fall's in love with Zayn, but does he feel the same? The journey from strangers, best friends then maybe soul mates. You never know what people think, until they show it.


10. Moved On?

Zayn's POV:


I arrived back home in London. "Thank's Louis" I went out his car and into my house. It's taken us 5 hours to get back from Bradford by car. It's 4 a.m now. I needed rest, but I have a long day ahead of me. I'm going back to Bradford to find Adri. My alarm went of at 8 a.m, only 4 hours sleep. I got wrapped up warm and put some essentials in the back of my car. We only had our first kiss yesterday, and everything has gone wrong now. 5 hours back to Bradford, here I come. I arrived in Bradford at 1:32 p.m, occasionally having to stop for a break. I stopped infront of Adri's house and realised 'One Way or Another' was on Capital FM.

I will drive past your house,

And if the light's are all out

I'll see who's hanging out

There wasn't a car and no light's were on. So I wasn't sure if anyone was home or not. So I came to Cineworld. It was the place we'd always go to, to watching movies together. I forgot something though, until I saw the bowling ally behind. I ran inside and past the desk that gave you an ally and bowling shoes. I searched all of them except the last one. I peered in. She was there, Adriana was there. She saw me and backed away slowly, until she was on the edge on the slippery surface.


Her friend Alice was there too. "Sorry Zayn, but she doesn't want to see you now. Leave, please" She stepped infront of me and held my shoulders, preventing me from coming closer. I looked over her shoulder to see Adri on her knee's crying. She looked to up me and nodded "Leave, please" she mouthed to me. I then saw flashing camera's and remembered that I wasn't in any disguise. "That's Zayn! Is that Zayn? ZAYN MALIK!! Wait, who are them girl's? THEY ARE SO LUCKY!!" I heard all around. I didn't care one little bit. All I care about is getting my Adriana back.



I'm so clueless in what to write next >.<



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