Our Story Together~

A One Direction fanfic. Story of a girl named Adriana and one Direction, Zayn Malik. From went your kid's to the adulthood. Adriana fall's in love with Zayn, but does he feel the same? The journey from strangers, best friends then maybe soul mates. You never know what people think, until they show it.


19. Last Hours

Adriana's POV:


"I'm nearly going on tour," sometimes I really wish that Zayn wasn't famous. It would make life easier, our relationship easier. We were having a nice conversation until he bought it up. We was sat on his sofa huddled up together like jigsaw puzzles. "I know. I don't want you to leave. I'll miss you too much," "I can't imagine you not with me. Seeing your face everyday, it makes me happy." he said, kissing my forehead."Only 11 more hours," I said, checking the time. I was 8 o' clock. He leaves tomorrow in the morning. He got he laptop out and placed it on his lap, "Let's just stay like this," we then spent the next 3 hours watching a movie together.


The movie finished at 10:30. "Shall we get going then?" Zayn was going to drop me off back to Bradford and stay the night so he can catch the flight at Leeds and Bradford airport. "I guess," we both sighed and got ready for the journey. When we arrived it was almost 4. "Sorry you won't have that much sleep tonight," I whispered to him as I opened my front door. "As long as it's with you love," he said, rubbing his eyes. He then planted a sweet kiss on my lips, we moved upstairs. I woke up late, lying on my bed. I turned around to see a little pink note. 'Last night was a dream come true. Will miss you dearly, your my angel! Won't forget this night. Love, your lovely boyfriend Zayn xx(:' the note bought a smile on my face and I feel back into another deep sleep.




I picked up the picture's hidden under the magazines. they were picture's of me and Zayn when we were just kids. The first one I picked up was me on a swing and him pushing me.


"Me first!" Adriana and Zayn started running towards the swing in the park. "No way! Boys are faster!" "if your a true gentalman, you will say. Ladies come first!" Adriana jumped onto the swing, "Haha! Your so slow!" Zayn stopped infront of her, bending down to breath. When he got his breath back Adriana spoke, "Can you push me now?" she whined. "How about we go on it together?" Zayn suggested, Adriana looked at him confused. "How the hell are we meant to do that?!" "Well, I can stand behind you and you can stay seated," he put his thumb up waiting for her response, "Ok, but you have to get us going first!" the to best friends spent the nest hour swapping turns and laughing at each when they'd fall.


The next one was when they were trying on their high school uniforms,


"Hey! You look great!" Zayn said as Adriana walked into her bedroom. "Do I? I think the skirts to short," she looked into the mirror and pulled it down more, to her knee's. "I think you looked better with it up!" Zayn joked. Adriana playfully punched him on his shoulder. "So, you stand up now." Zayn stood up and walked around the room "So what do you think?" "You don't suite being a teenager.." "Hey!" Zayn tickled her, knowing that it was her weakness. 


The last one of the batch she could find was one where we both was received our GCSE results,

(Where you get tested in every subject you've taken when your 16)


Everyone got handed their result's in a brown envelope, "On the count to three, we both rip it open and take a look. Ok?" Adriana asked Zayn. He nodded his head excitedly. "One, two, three!" They both opened each other's envelope and took a look. Adriana started squealing with happiness. They both hugged each other, "You got A for English like you wanted!" Adriana told Zayn. "And you got your A in art like you wanted!" Zayn picked Adriana up and swung her around. 


I wonder what other people thought about our friendship. I wonder if the knew we was going to end up like this? 



I feel like I didn't try my best at this chapter. I did it when I was tired and had awful jetlag, so I'm so sorry if you don't like this chapter. 



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