Our Story Together~

A One Direction fanfic. Story of a girl named Adriana and one Direction, Zayn Malik. From went your kid's to the adulthood. Adriana fall's in love with Zayn, but does he feel the same? The journey from strangers, best friends then maybe soul mates. You never know what people think, until they show it.


12. Forgive and Forget

Adriana's POV:


The first hour at Ambers was fun. We both had her there every time they're was going to be an awkward silence. Doniya still wasn't home yet, and I began worrying. "Does it usually take your sister this long to come home?" I asked Zayn, but Zayn looked at Amber for an answer. "My mummy does deliveries" She said, playing with her teddy bear. "Have you done your homework yet Amber?" "Maybe, maybe not" she said innocently, looking at the ground. "Go and do it now you little monster!" Zayn chased her to the stairs. I heard giggles, I giggled myself. Wait, that means that Zayn and I will be alone... I put my coat on an reached out for my bag. "Where do you think your going?" I looked to my right, he was back. "Well, home. It's nearly 7 and I'm extremely busy..." I lied. He knew that already. Dammit. he knew me too well. "I'm sure your really busy, but I let you go twice. I ain't going to let it happen again" he came closer to me.and carefully placed his hand on my shoulder. "It was Perrie Adri. You have to believe me. I wasn't kissing her! She was kissing me! I didn't want it to happen, she knew you was there. So she kissed me. You have to believe me! Please...you have to believe me..." He lifted his spare hand to my chin and lifted it up. Don't ask me when I cried. Don't asked me why I hugged him or why I've forgiven him. Ask me why I'm happy. 


Ambers POV:


I sat on the stairs listening to their conversation. So, thats why Uncle Zayn's not feeling like himself when he first came a week ago. Her been down, and now. Today. He seems happy and more like...Uncle Zayn. I wouldn't mind if she became my Auntie. I like her, not like anyone else he's dated. Certainly not like Perrie.



I'M BACK!!!! Anyone miss me? No? Ok then... :(

So Zayn's older sister Doniya Malik (IN REAL LIFE, if you didn't know) and a random guy she started dating made little Amber Frost. Doniya and the guy got married and she's now Doniya Frost. Just incase you didn't get it.



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