Our Story Together~

A One Direction fanfic. Story of a girl named Adriana and one Direction, Zayn Malik. From went your kid's to the adulthood. Adriana fall's in love with Zayn, but does he feel the same? The journey from strangers, best friends then maybe soul mates. You never know what people think, until they show it.


6. First Kiss

Adriana's POV:


I've been sat on this sofa watching 'The Notebook' for several days now. Eating and drinking nothing but American poptarts and milk."Why am I crying over a guy who broke my heart?" I asked myself whilst drying the tears rolling down to my chin. BANG! BANG! The door rattled. I stood up and made my way to open it. A little part inside of me wished that it was Alex. When I opened the door I saw Zayn. He was stood there with sad puppy dog eyes. He pulled me in for a hug, so I wrapped my arms around his neck, I slowly began to cry."I'm so sorry" he said. He sounded hurt as well."And sorry for what I said when you and jerkface came over. but...I meant it" he pulled me away and cupped my face with his large warm hands. My heart raced like it did at his place. He leaned in, only inches away until out lip's would meet. "Be mine" he whispered. before he quickly pulled me in for a kiss. At that moment, I realised. My soulmate is my best friend.



Sorry for the short chapter. All my chapter's are short but this one is the shortest XD Sorry!



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