Our Story Together~

A One Direction fanfic. Story of a girl named Adriana and one Direction, Zayn Malik. From went your kid's to the adulthood. Adriana fall's in love with Zayn, but does he feel the same? The journey from strangers, best friends then maybe soul mates. You never know what people think, until they show it.


3. A Bad Suprise

2 Years later


Zayn's POV:

It's been a long time since I've seen Adri. We kept in contact though. We'd text and Skype each other whenever we could. I never had the time to invite her over though, unfortunately. Even though I go out with Perrie, Adri's always my girl. One day I received a text from her, 


Hey Z-ster, I heard your free this weekend. How about a trip to your London Mansion?(:

Oh, that's right! There's nothing to do this weekend! I quickly went on Skype and sent her a request for a video chat. She looked beautiful, I couldn't help but stare "Is that ok?" I didn't have a clue what she was on about but I just said yes anyways. I gelled my hair up and put on a black and white suit, even though she was only seeing my in my own house. Ding! Dong! I ran downstairs and opened the door. Finally, I got to see her beauty again. Her hair was up in a pony tail, light brown hair dip-dyed in blonde. Her hair was thin and came right down to her waist. She wore a gorgeous black dress and black heel's. Perfect dark brown eyes like mine, and long eyelashes that she always had since she was a kid.


Then I saw something I didn't want to, she was with a man.



I'm thinking of doing a Niall fan fiction next, or maybe Louis?  This fan fiction will be quiet long, because I can't stop putting my pen down!



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