The Other Side

It is three thousand years in the future, and much has changed. Instead of a democratic society where people can choose their life, there exists 'The Other Side'- The name of a concentrated civilian institution created by the world's most powerful form of government: the Depressors, ruled by an unseen God by the name of Omar. The only people who don't live under constraint are the Royal Family- supposedly chosen by Omar in a secret form of microchipping before anyone on Earth was even created.
But now a young girl called Safah is said to have the microchip- even though she herself comes from The Other Side.
Will Safah be the cause of the biggest revolution in history, and restore the world to what it was before?


3. The Second Sequence

"Are you excited to go back to school Safah?"

I looked at my father. "Yes, Papa." Picking up a piece of broccoli I continued, "I look forward to seeing Miss Awan again."

"It has been a long summer," Judi cut in.

My Mother looked at me and Judi over the table, chewing thoughtfully. "And pray tell me, what is so special about Miss Awan?"

"She's wise, maman," I told her.

"And kind," Judi added.

"And pretty," Asim yelled over the table, thus receiving a battering on the ear by my father. "Enough, Asim. Your mother has cooked this delicious meal for us." He passed the bread basket over to Judi's mother, Kalila. "Let's not spoil it."

There was a silence for a moment as all six of us ate our meals; it was customary to remain still anyhow, again, a law of Omar's. Finishing my vegetable stew, I turned to my father. "Papa, what do you know about the Kingdom?"

"What's the Kingdom?" Asim interrupted. Mother smiled and patted Asim's arm tenderly. "It's the name for that beautiful city over the fence where the Depressors and the Royal Family live. Carry on, Jasim."

My Father put his piece of bread down and looked at all of us in turn. The light was dim; the crackling of the log fire making me sleepy, and I leant my head on Judi's shoulder tiredly. Outside our tent, the fireflies were making their appearance through the thin cotton. It was almost every evening when Father told us a story, and it was a time of day that everyone looked forward to. 

"Three thousand years ago, there existed a world very much different to ours. There existed a democracy..."

"A democracy?"

"Hush, Asim!" I hissed, kicking my brother under the table, "Stop ruining it! Papa will tell us in a moment."

Father smiled, just as he always did, his soft amethyst eyes glinting in the gloom. "A democracy, children, is a society where everyone has a say. Everyone has a right to speak what they think, and also elect the person they want in charge. Do you understand?"

We nodded. Father closed his eyes for a moment before continuing. 

"There were technologies. Travel. Luxuries. In many countries, people could very much do what they wanted to do. But some governments, they took advantage of this."

Judi squeezed my hand. I gratefully squeezed hers back. "What happened?"

"Well, after many centuries of wars and economic corruption, the world simply turned on it's head. The world went into utter darkness for five days, and that, apparently, is where Omar first came into existence."

I tried to imagine it in my head, but I just couldn't. Many people had some sort of a special relationship with Omar, but me, I had never got that close. Omar was nothing but a bad dream to me, and I planned on keeping it that way. I didn't want to end up spending the whole of my day in the temple, muttering useless things to a useless God. 

"The, when the world was reborn, Omar only created two different sides of the world: the Kingdom, and The Other Side. He appointed one family to rule the nation, a team of guards to protect them and keep control over the civilians, and the rest of us... Well, we work for them."

There was a brief silence in which everyone at the table digested my father's story. Asim suddenly yawned and fell into my Mother's chest. "I think it's bed time, Jasim."

Kalila kissed Judi on top of her silk black hair. "Come on, Judi. You will see Safah tomorrow, at school."

Judi kissed me on both cheeks, and waved. "Bye, Safah."

"Bye Judi."

Once they were gone, and Mother had carried Asim into the area of the tent where his bed was, Father rumpled my hair. "I love you, Safah. You always make the most of everything."

I kissed him goodnight and climbed into my own bed, looking up at the cluster of stars that were just visible through a hole in the top of our tent. The stars reminded me that even in The Other Side, beauty was still possible.

Anything was possible, if you only believed that it could be. 



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