The Other Side

It is three thousand years in the future, and much has changed. Instead of a democratic society where people can choose their life, there exists 'The Other Side'- The name of a concentrated civilian institution created by the world's most powerful form of government: the Depressors, ruled by an unseen God by the name of Omar. The only people who don't live under constraint are the Royal Family- supposedly chosen by Omar in a secret form of microchipping before anyone on Earth was even created.
But now a young girl called Safah is said to have the microchip- even though she herself comes from The Other Side.
Will Safah be the cause of the biggest revolution in history, and restore the world to what it was before?


1. Prologue

One day in history class, Miss Awan showed us a picture of what the world was like three thousand years ago. The whole class  chattered excitedly and leant forward in their desks so that they could see what was in the picture. I was the smallest girl, but standing up in my seat I could just about make out what the picture showed. It was a vast landscape of unimaginable beauty; buildings and clock towers littering the skyline, with hundreds of thousands of ant people cluttering the streets below. "And this was London, the capital, back in the year 1945, when the second world war ended." Miss Awan grinned at us excitedly. "The country we are in now, Balaria, is where London was situated three thousand years ago."

I looked down at my feet. Just think, three thousand years ago, another little girl could have been sitting at this desk, being taught by her teacher just the same as I was, grateful that the war that had torn her world apart had finally ended. It was a strange thought. As the lesson went on I thought about this unknown child, what her life would have been like, if she could envision what the world would have been like in the future.

I bet she didn't.

Because I know that no-one back then could have even imagined how bad the world was for us, today. 

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