The Two

(This was a set of texts that I sent to my friend who enjoyed them and I thought it might be interesting to put it on here. I've rated it yellow just to be on the safe side- there is an allusion to a hanging but I don't endorse illegal activity in any way- obviously! Hope you enjoy it)

The Two are out for revenge.
No one will escape.


12. .

They remember it clearly, a horrible Tuesday afternoon- they likened the weather to their souls, dark and filled with despair. They awoke at some time around 3am and got dresses in their ceremonious robes. It was time. 

The powers that evil and hate gave them were amazing, they were swiftly able to bypass all of the equipment that surrounded them. They met in the east wing as they knew that this would be the easiest place to escape from. Determined to have some twisted fun before they left their home of six years they paid a visit to the prison director's office before leaving the prison. 

No one knows for sure what happened there but legend states that they flew like eagles- only for a moment- before landing gracefully and delivering their final blow. According to police reports on the matter the director was found in pieces and the man to find him went mad. 

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