The Two

(This was a set of texts that I sent to my friend who enjoyed them and I thought it might be interesting to put it on here. I've rated it yellow just to be on the safe side- there is an allusion to a hanging but I don't endorse illegal activity in any way- obviously! Hope you enjoy it)

The Two are out for revenge.
No one will escape.


10. .

The year is 2020 and the world is waiting. 

The Two were arrested for their crimes on the night of the Dictator's death and put in the toughest prison in Britain. That was not enough however, The Two captured and tortured a prison guard until they were released. Soon after they were recaptured, this time by a violent bounty hunter , The Two very nearly died but the bounty hunter took mercy and spared their lives. The government of Britain held crisis talks over where to put them and even debated bringing back the death penalty. 

In the end they purchased the island of Alcatraz and separated The Two in separate wings of the prison. There were no prison guards, only military equipment to keep control of them . However there was one thing that the government did not anticipate; the awe inspiring power of The Two. 

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