The Two

(This was a set of texts that I sent to my friend who enjoyed them and I thought it might be interesting to put it on here. I've rated it yellow just to be on the safe side- there is an allusion to a hanging but I don't endorse illegal activity in any way- obviously! Hope you enjoy it)

The Two are out for revenge.
No one will escape.


9. .

But The Two will know who the traitors are, those who contacted the Dictator before the battle giving their feeble wishes of good luck and warning. They will then join their precious Dictator, the speed with which The Two will move will be unimaginable. The screams of the traitors will be unheard as they will be allowed no time to make a sound before they die. 

The yard will run red with blood and The Two will have luxurious red robes by the time there is total silence. They will stand like statues remembering all that the dead have done against them in the past and basking in the glory of the fact that they will experience no more pain and suffering from anyone. 

They will look at each other simultaneously and smile. 

With that they will hold hands and walk away into the night. 

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