The Two

(This was a set of texts that I sent to my friend who enjoyed them and I thought it might be interesting to put it on here. I've rated it yellow just to be on the safe side- there is an allusion to a hanging but I don't endorse illegal activity in any way- obviously! Hope you enjoy it)

The Two are out for revenge.
No one will escape.


6. .

The chosen few will rise from their beds, the dictator will be foolish as usual and agree to the war. He will arrive in a monkey costume and there at the end of the yard The Two will be watching, waiting. They will be wearing their ceremonious white robes, resembling robes from a certain video game but it will matter to no one. People will gather around the impromptu arena and a silence will quickly fall- they will be anxious to view the outcome of this final fight. 

It will be the Dictator who speaks first, his arrogance beaming from every inch of his being. He will say something that makes him appear confident and positive of his victory but inside he will be quaking with pure terror and fear. The response from The Two will be carefully executed; no fear will be felt by them. 

And it is then that it will happen.

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