The Two

(This was a set of texts that I sent to my friend who enjoyed them and I thought it might be interesting to put it on here. I've rated it yellow just to be on the safe side- there is an allusion to a hanging but I don't endorse illegal activity in any way- obviously! Hope you enjoy it)

The Two are out for revenge.
No one will escape.


3. .

The Two put on a facade, pretending that everything was fine but from a distance they let their rage boil and they carefully documented all the things that they could use against the Dictator in the future. 

But as their hate rose it became all consuming, no part of them escaped the loathing that they felt. As if it was a virus, the hate within them spread like wildfire and soon their hearts were turned dark and their souls made empty. There was nothing that could be done- it was too late for them. 

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