try again

camryn is an 18 year old girl. she has been dating harry on and off again. they finally broke up one day but something happend with camryn and another member from one direction. harry doesnt no about it in the beginning but he eventually finds out.


1. the final break up

***CAMRYN'S POV*** it was my final break up with harry. i couldnt help myself but to cry. i really loved him but he didnt love me back anymore. i was devestated. i couldnt believe that we werent gonna see each other ever again until we are ready to be friends. he told me that it was him not me and i knew he was breaking up with me. the last time we broke up we saw each other again at a concert. that day he told me he wanted me back but i knew harry ment that we werent getting back together. i asked if maybe we can try again but he said it was over. ***HARRY'S POV*** it was over between me and camryn. i didnt want to see her cry but i knew she was going to. i wasnt the only one devestated. i loved another girl. i loved her best frend ariana. they are both gorgeous girls but the one i loved the most was ariana. i felt so bad
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