I wish that I could sail away...

These are a couple of poems I wrote about the sea a few years ago, and I wanted to share it with you guys! :)


2. A day in the life of the ocean.

Sunlit water reflecting beams of golden light

Corals shake shoals of fish awake

Sand dances under creeping crabs feet,

With the Sun hugging the underwater world


Out and in, in and out,

Seaweed jumps from water to shore

Dodging children’s’ grabbing fingers

And giving lifts to stray cockle shells


The little boat confidently runs,

Through crowds of gossiping rocks and shells

Gasping for breath as it crosses the finish line,

Sighing in relief as it is tucked up for bed


Darkness dawns on the sparkling seabed,

Chasing away toddlers and chip seeking seagulls

Lighthouses shout warnings to nearby boats

Waves are swallowed by the howling storm


But under the storm and lighthouse rays,

Oysters start to laugh and chat

Sharks rest after a hard day’s work

And shipwrecks welcome fish to bed  

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